Brand new PVP content ‘The Champions League’ will kick off its first run in Seven Knights

Brand new PVP content ‘The Champions League’ will kick off its first run in Seven Knights
27 August 2020

Along with the new hero Sage, various other events and awards have been added for the players

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Netmarble Corp.with the official release of the new PvP content Champions League in the latest update to mobile RPG Seven Knights, the new hero update and in-game rewards and enhancements have been unveiled for players.

The new PvP content targets Champions League high-level players. In the 4th week of the month, the ranking will determine the number of players based on the results of the duels made in the previous weeks. They can receive Champions League points and trade them for prizes, based on the win/loss ratio among these players. Rewards include points for purchasing trophies and other items exclusive to the Champions League.

In addition to new content, a new special hero Sage, one of the Seven Demon Lords, has been added in today's update. Players can raise Sage up to level 50.

Netmarble also announced that three Webtoon series, <Light Chase>, <Desert Seed> and <Crescent>, will be re-aired for players to enjoy. Other series will be updated in the near future.

To celebrate the 5th Anniversary until October, pre-registration with many in-game awards has been opened for players. 10 + 1 Ancient Seven Knights Tickets will be awarded to pre-registered players, and players can also purchase the 10 + 1 Hero Pass on their 5th Anniversary. Other in-game activities also include the daily punch machine, balloon popping, and darts collecting with huge rewards.

Seven Knights is available in 150 countries worldwide on the App Store and Google Play as of October 2015, and has reached a total of 60 million downloads worldwide. Globally popular tour-based mobile RPG Seven Knights offers the fun of collecting and developing up to 700 characters with intense round-based battles.

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