Görkem Uludüz's "No to Violence Against Women" campaign brought the world of sports, art and society together

Görkem Uludüz's
19 August 2020

The projects developed by Görkem Uludüz to draw attention to and prevent violence against women were supported by celebrities.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The projects developed by producer Görkem Uludüz to draw attention to and prevent violence against women have received support from celebrities. In addition to former football players such as Hasan Kabze, Ahmet Dursun, İbrahim Yattara and Tuncay Şanlı, famous names such as Nefise Karatay, Şebnem Schaefer, Ebru Gürsoy, Seda Akkul, Elif Gönlüm and Asena Dursun also supported the campaign. Participation from different provinces continues in the '81 women from 81 provinces' campaign, which continues on social media.

Giving information about his new initiatives, Görkem Uludüz said, “Besides being a producer, I also focused on the place of women in society in my academic studies as a sociologist. Unfortunately, violence against women does not end in our country, on the contrary, it is increasing. I think that the relentless violence news, lost lives and endless persecution can be changed by the behavior of those who are role models for society. Football and soccer players, being followed by a large section of the society in Turkey. By adding a different perspective to football, we now develop our activities where we highlight entertainment, in a way that will provide social benefit. "We will benefit from the unifying power of football against violence against women."

"We are collecting support messages from our 81 provinces"

Görkem Uludüz stated that the "No Violence Against Women" theme, the foot tennis tournament, where men and women fight together, attracted great attention and said, “We are collecting support messages from 81 provinces on social media. "We will be on national TV channels again with great surprises in the upcoming period."

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