Coronavirus changed shopping habits of parents

Coronavirus changed shopping habits of parents
19 August 2020

Covid-19 has also changed the shopping habits of new parents. Parents turned to digital to meet the needs of their children, especially in the newborn category, during the pandemic period. During the March, April and May period in Turkey, when the effects of the pandemic were seen and people spent their time at home, the most sold product was diapers. The average amount of carts for mother-baby products reached 350 liras.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, large changes in consumer habits were seen in Turkey. Families with new parents or children aged 0-3 have met their maternal and infant needs through digital channels since the pandemic began. BabyMall, the mother-baby products platform, announced the first 7-month period of 2020 and the shopping data for March-April-May along with the pandemic, based on online sales figures.

Diapers sold most

According to the data, while the first 7 months of 2020 saw a significant rise in online baby shopping, the most sold product during this period was diapers. In second place was baby food and in third place was wet wipes.

Baby textiles and toys rose to prominence during the pandemic

Online sales rose during the March, April, May period when the Covid-19 pandemic began in Turkey and #evdekal calls came to the fore. While diapers were the most purchased product during the shopping, baby food was in second place and baby textiles were in third place. During the pandemic period, toys aimed for the development of babies of developmental age were in great demand.

Shopping cart amounts increased

It was seen that shopping cart amounts increased during the pandemic period. Considering the shopping amounts, the average cart amount was calculated as 350 TL in the period of March-April-May, while the average shopping amount in the period before the pandemic was 320 TL.

Financial situation affected the choice of organic products

According to the report; parents are looking more at whether the products they buy are natural. Since the price scale of natural products is higher than other products, they are preferred more by families with higher purchasing power.

"The most important part of the pandemic process has been customer experience"

Commenting on mothers' online shopping habits, BabyMall Board Chairman Ahmet Özelcan said, “As BabyMall, we work to meet all the needs of parents from A to Z with over 400 brands and 10 thousands of healthy and environmentally friendly products. The pandemic period caused the online sales habit to increase and the hesitant consumers to experience this process. Businesses that managed the process well and increased their service quality came out of the pandemic by gaining advantage and new customers. The most important part of the process was the customer experience. We are waiting for a period in which digital investment and artificial intelligence will be more prominent and talked about in the future, and we shape our investments accordingly.”

"There are product groups that people visually prefer to buy"

Comparing families who shop online with families who go to shops, Özelcan said, “There are product groups that people prefer to buy by seeing. We provide baby furniture service in an area of ​​1000 square meters and above in our stores. The number of people who prefer to buy products by seeing the products in the product groups such as baby strollers, car seats, park beds are quite high. While the new generation families see the online shopping experience as more advantageous in terms of time and price, we do not think that the existence of a group that cannot give up their old habits will completely disappear. Now, there is a service concept that is much more reliable, faster and offers much more options. The number of those who are aware of this and make this choice is increasing day by day and will also increase.”

Referring to the precautions they took for their stores during the pandemic period, Ahmet Özelcan said, “The initiation of the pandemic process and the increase of precautions led to taking more precautions for our mothers who had a more sensitive pregnancy period and parents with babies between 0-36 months. Families who did not prefer store visits preferred online shopping sites to avoid risking their babies and for their primary needs.”

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