Central Asia's first digital food and packaging fair begins

Central Asia's first digital food and packaging fair begins
17 August 2020

The importance of food supply was once again revealed during the novel coronavirus pandemic. “Uz Agro Food Tech Digital Fair” will be held on Wednesday, August 19th with the participation of 100 companies from the Commonwealth of Independent States and Turkey, especially Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, in order to develop new procurement methods.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - As a result of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, which experienced import problems and were failed to meet the demands in the domestic market, began to look for new ways to supply food and agricultural products. In this context, with the participation of associations such as the Association of Exporters of Uzbekistan from Uzbekistan, Institute of Engineering and Information Technologies from Kazakhstan and nearly 100 food packaging and agricultural companies from Russia, Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Turkey and Commonwealth of Independent States, the region's first virtual fair Uz Agro Food Tech will be held between 19-25 August 2020.

Visitors who can attend the fair by registering for free will also have the opportunity to ask company officials instant questions by using the video conference and live chat infrastructure. Participants will be able to reach companies on the internet any time to request samples and access more detailed information on the internet.

“We bring the representatives of countries and large companies together”

Stating that the vast majority of the physical fairs organized this year were either canceled or organized virtually due to Covid-19, Uz Agro Food Tech Online Fairs Project Director Barış Salur said, “We bring together the representatives of the countries that are experiencing great problems in the supply of food agricultural products and big companies with the virtual food and packaging fair we organize. Participants will exchange information with companies specialized in food and technologies, packaging and technologies, agricultural machinery and technologies, livestock and technologies.”

Stating that virtual fairs can significantly affect exports and imports in the new period, Barış Salur said, “Online fairs provide significant advantages to both participating companies and visitors in terms of costs such as transportation, accommodation and shipping. The need for increased food and agricultural supplies caused problems throughout the world, especially during the first period of the pandemic. We will bring together food producers who want to sell their products from the Commonwealth of Independent States with important retailers, with the digital fair we organize to find solutions to this need quickly. We received a significant number of applications. We will continue the digital fair series in the future.”

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