English language proficiency is objectively measured with artificial intelligence technology

English language proficiency is objectively measured with artificial intelligence technology
13 August 2020

The importance of English language proficiency is increasing day by day, both in academic and professional fields. With artificial intelligence technology, the measurement of English language proficiency is carried out much faster and more objectively.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The importance of English language proficiency is increasing day by day, both in academic and professional fields. For those who want to document their foreign language proficiency due to various reasons such as studying abroad, skipping preparatory classes, job applications and visa applications, it is of great importance to be able to find an exam session on the date they want, to have a safe and comfortable exam experience, and to reach the exam results evaluated in an accurate and objective manner quickly. Those who want to measure their language proficiency show great interest in PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English) organized by the training company Pearson.

Results are available within 48 hours

Emphasizing that thanks to artificial intelligence technology, PTE Academy has a very high consistency rate, is currently the fastest test (within 48 hours) among language proficiency exams, Business Development and Sales Manager of PTE Middle East, North Africa and Turkey İpek Aydın said, “PTE Academic, which has a very high consistency rate thanks to its artificial intelligence technology, is currently the fastest-scoring exam among language proficiency exams, giving results within an average of 48 hours. The PTE Academic English exam is being accepted for foreign education, preparatory skipping, Australian visa applications, education, work and life visa applications to the United Kingdom and for YDS equivalency at home and is rapidly becoming widespread in Turkey and around the world.”

Single session over the computer

Stating that the artificial intelligence-supported system provides advantages such as documenting English language proficiency in a short time, taking advantage of flexible exam dates and obtaining unlimited exam results for 2 years, İpek Aydın said, “As Pearson, we listen to all candidates who apply for the qualification exam and express their difficulties about the process, and we work to provide integrated solutions to the era that can meet the needs in the field of education. In this context, we organize an average of 10 daily sessions in PTE Academic Istanbul and 100 weekly exams throughout Turkey. Thus, we make it possible to find the most appropriate exam session in terms of dates and to register for the exam on the desired date via the internet. We also facilitate the preparation process with sample exams on our site. We aim to make the whole process more quickly and easily accessible by transmitting the results to the participants online.”

Candidates taking the exam are satisfied

Rana Çığğin, who took the PTE Academic language proficiency exam and shared her experiences regarding the exam, said, “I chose this exam to pass the preparatory class at my school. The resources provided to me by the school during the preparation for the exam were quite sufficient. It was very easy to find a session for the PTE Academic exam, and since there were enough and hourly sessions, I could easily register for the session that suits me. Test centers were very comfortable compared to other language proficiency test centers. Also, being a single session over the computer made my job easier. Exam content was as it should be. It was not very difficult but not so easy; I think it was different. On the other hand, “Writing” subjects were subjects that we could quickly generate ideas about. I received my exam result in less than a week.”

Ece Numanoğlu, another candidate who took the exam to pass the preparatory class of the university where she was enrolled, said: “I prepared the exam by solving the sample exam on PTE Academic's website and studying the textbook that was prepared for the exam. Besides these, the videos on the Pearson Turkey channel on YouTube were very helpful. Finding and registering for an exam session was very easy. The fact that the exam was a single session made me feel better and have a better exam. The content of the exam was interesting, generally on daily life and some academic subjects, and understandable. My exam result reached me via e-mail within 3 days. It made it very easy for me to go through a process that could be stressful.”

Ali Coşkun, who certifies his proficiency in a foreign language for the evaluation of associate professorship, said, “In the PTE Academic exam, if your score is sufficient, your result is accepted by the Inter-University Board. This is the most important selection criteria for me, but it was also very important that the other English exams were very intensive during the application periods and that I could easily and easily take the PTE Academic Test at any time. It is also very advantageous for people with a busy schedule to be able to take the exam in one day except for a small rest break. I think the test is beautifully prepared and measures language proficiency in many ways. I've had some difficulties, but I think that should happen in these kinds of exams as well. I'd say the point where I'm struggling is the speed issue. I was slow in answering some questions but overall it was a test I liked. The delivery of the results via e-mail is very convenient in terms of speed. However, the fact that the transmitted document was not sufficient by the UAK for associate professorship came to me as a problem. At this point, the PTE team was very helpful and they contacted the UAK directly to pass my exam result. I take this opportunity to thank them again.”

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