StoneAge World Summer Update Brings Brand New PVE Content, New Territory, and Pets for Gamers to Enjoy

StoneAge World Summer Update Brings Brand New PVE Content, New Territory, and Pets for Gamers to Enjoy
11 August 2020

Maximum Level Up Limit from 109 to 114 with various in-game events

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Netmarble has announced a new update for the pet-gathering mobile MMORPG StoneAge World, which includes Mino’yu Yen the new PvE content. Players above level 90 can join and receive rewards such as Mino family Souls, XP and Gems. The average level limit has been increased from 109 to 114 with the addition of a new auto hunting ground.

As part of the update, the new area where players can now capture the Manmo family has been opened for Quarry Trainers to conquer. Players now have a chance to win 4 S-Ranks with unlimited catches.

Other new content coming for StoneAge World includes:

New Pets - Mino family pets including Bino, Giro, Gino, Redon, Boro and Tayno are now open. Also new for Mechagiro Trainers to collect.

New Events - Mino Ticket Event - Players can get tickets to buy Trainer's Rope, Gems and Can of Skills based on their Mino Yen participation

Mino Growth Event: Various rewards such as Meat, Pet Coin and Modification Stone can be obtained depending on how Mino grew, such as level, skill, training and battle. Players can get a 'Legendary-Heroic' Talisman if they complete all quests.

Woody's Dice Adventure: Players who complete the quest receive dice that can be exchanged for great rewards every day.

StoneAge World seamlessly combined pet collecting and role playing game (RPG) mechanics to create a beautiful and bold MMO experience with a bizarre understanding of prehistoric communities. On an adventure to the lands of Tectonika, players take on the role of the mighty warrior "Trainer" who collects, tames and trains pets to protect the land. Together with dinosaurs, furry mammoths, pigs, wolves and more, they will be very busy protecting Tectonika against the unknown enemies of the approaching Machine Civilization and discovering the unique events of the prehistoric community.

StoneAge World is now available for download in English, Korean, Chinese (simplified / traditional), Japanese and Thai on the App Store and Google Play. More information on StoneAge World is available on the official website ( and the game's official Facebook page.