MOPAK launches project to donate masks to schools

MOPAK launches project to donate masks to schools
11 August 2020

Turkey's leading paper and notebook manufacturer, MOPAK, launched “MaskeliyimGüvendeyim” project addressed students preparing to return to school via social media. The project highlights the importance of mask usage and aims to donate masks to schools in need.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - MOPAK, which has been active in the paper sector for 94 years, started a project called ‘Rainbow' on social media to raise awareness against the virus in the first months when the coronavirus was seen in Turkey and donated thousands of masks to health organizations. With the school term approaching, the Turkish paper maker, which is taking action for children and needy schools this time, has launched the #MaskeliyimGüvendeyim project on social media. With the project, where citizens are asked to color their masks with the design they want and share the photo by tagging the MOPAK social media account, the importance of using masks will be emphasized and in return for the sharing of masks will be donated to schools in need.

"Health and safety of our children is the priority"

Stating that raising awareness of children when it comes to health and guiding them with the right messages plays a critical role in terms of both their personal development and their safety, MOPAK General Manager E. Ruhi Molay said, “Our priority has always been the health and safety of our children. Together we left behind the first stage of a difficult process; but a new era is about to begin. “Back to School” is the most valuable period of the year for companies that serve the education sector, and perhaps the period when we, as a producer, can communicate with our students the most and meet their demands and demands. "Our biggest goal is to evaluate this period when our communication is most intense, considering the difficult process we are going through and to ensure the personal safety of our children by giving the right messages.”

"Smiles under the masks will lead to new smiles in other schools"

Drawing attention to the importance of solidarity in difficult processes such as the pandemic, E. Ruhi Molay stated that they aim to make children a partner in this solidarity and set an example for future generations by explaining the ways of protection from the virus in a fun language. Addressing parents in this context, Molay said, “We have joined hands during the pandemic period, which affects all of us in the world and in Turkey. You said #evdekal, you colored your window with your rainbow, and in return for your efforts, we supported the health workers and hoped for a good and healthy day to come. Now it's time to go back to school! The fact that our children are reunited with their school and friends, which they miss so much, depends on your prudent, conscious way of living today. As MOPAK, we, too, strive to expose the smiles under the colorful designed masks with the slogan #MaskeliyimGüvendeyim and to put a smile on the faces of children in need schools by donating masks again.”