Turkey’s logistics potential grows with new investments despite the pandemic

Turkey’s logistics potential grows with new investments despite the pandemic
11 August 2020

The logistics sector, which is vital for domestic and international trade, continued to serve during the pandemic days when trade slowed down. Mars Logistics, which has invested 12 thousand 100 square meters of storage and transfer Center since January, aims to provide domestic distribution services to producers in 81 provinces of Turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Logistics was one of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Many shipments could not be carried out, especially due to the closed limits on road transport. During this period, Mars Logistics, one of the leading logistics companies in Turkey, made a series of investments to extend its international transportation capabilities to intra-Turkey operations. The company opened a total of 3 new warehouses, 1,000 square meters in Eskisehir in January, 5,600 and 5,500 square meters in Manisa in May, and strengthened its domestic distribution services in 81 provinces of Turkey. It was also stated that until the end of 2020, work on the establishment of new transfer centers in Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Adana continues.

Mars Logistics Domestic Distribution Channels development manager Mahmut Yortaç stated that they offer all the services required by logistics in an integrated manner in every province of Turkey with expanded distribution channels, and emphasized that they aim to support the domestic producers in this way. Yortaç said, “The focus of our infrastructure investments, which we systematize to be accessible in 81 provinces, is to eliminate the borders of domestic producers and to increase their access power. We offer our customers complete and partial distribution, Cross-dock, Home Delivery, lowbed transport, container transport, Milkrun operations, customer-specific vehicle and micro-distribution services. With the new warehouses we opened in Eskişehir and Manisa, we also carry out the storage of domestic distribution.”

New investments are on the way

Mentioning that they have gained a significant momentum in a short time and that they are aiming for a 100% growth in 2020 in domestic distribution, Yortaç said, “In this way we started with a single customer in 2019, we are now in automotive sub-industry, textile, white goods, We work with about 50 different customers in sectors such as FMCG, construction, construction market. With the transfer and collection center we opened in Eskişehir at the beginning of the year and the two new warehouses we opened in Manisa in May, we took important steps in the domestic storage point. Until the end of 2020, our investment plan will be to provide partial micro-distribution services by opening new cross-dock and transfer centers in Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana and different provinces.”

The whole process from factory to delivery is under follow-up

Drawing attention to the importance of tracking in logistics operations, Mahmut Yortaç said, “For example, we integrated our systems with our customers in the white goods sector. In this way, before the products are loaded from the factory, the barcodes are created, the barcodes on the products are read and loaded into the vehicles with hand terminals. When the products arrive at the transfer center of Mars, they are scanned by hand terminal and downloaded to the warehouse. After the route planning is done on the software, the products are re-read and loaded into the vehicle and delivered to dealers, services or homes. Our customer can enter information such as product code, dispatch number, dealer name into the system on the freight tracking screen and follow all the movements of that product over the system.”

About Mars Logistics:

Founded in 1989, Mars Logistics operates as a group company where all logistics services are provided. Mars Logistics, which offers international road, air, sea and rail transport services, offers an integrated system to its customers by providing services in project transportation, intermodal transportation, fair and event logistics, warehousing, customs management and insurance. Mars, which is headquartered in Istanbul and has branches at home and abroad, provides smart solutions to its customers with its bonded and duty-free storage services in an open and closed area of ​​174,100 m². Mars Logistics develops sector-specific solutions for many sectors such as chemistry, health, cosmetics, energy, retail, especially automotive and textile. Mars has one of Turkey's youngest and largest fleets Logistics with 2,650-vehicle fleet in Europe, North Africa, the Balkans and the Turkic Republics gives road transport services. Mars Air and Sea Cargo, the founding member of WIN, reaches all countries of the world and offers a professional system in airline & sea transportation. Turkey's largest 200 companies located between Mars in Turkey with GRI sustainability report published last certified A + level has managed to become one of the top 10 companies. Continuing its growth by making a difference in the logistics sector with its more than 1500 employees, Mars Logistics offers an environmentally friendly and sustainable service model with its Intermodal Transport System. Aiming for continuous development and change in the sector, Mars focuses especially on supporting education in corporate social responsibility projects.