Personalized treatment methods are now available in hospitals

Personalized treatment methods are now available in hospitals
10 August 2020

Enbiosis, a Turkish initiative that develops personalized health solutions to many problems such as obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases by analyzing microorganisms in the human gut with artificial intelligence technology, signed a cooperation agreement with Liv Hospital, one of the Turkey’s leading hospitals.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Enbiosis Biotechnology, an initiative that offers personalized diet programs by analyzing the intestinal microbiome, which has an important role in the prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases, signed a cooperation agreement with Liv Hospital Ulus. The biotechnology initiative, which uses microbiology and artificial intelligence technology, started to offer personalized health solutions for Liv Hospital Ulus patients as of July, within the scope of the agreement.

Turkish initiatives pave the way for health technology

Stating that a hospital supported a local and national initiative and expressed pride in signing a collaboration that would serve as an example for other studies in the field of Health for the first time in health services in Turkey, Enbiosis founder Ömer Özkan said, “We thank Liv Hospital Ulus for their interest in our scientific studies and technology and for their support to a biotechnology initiative originating from Turkey, and we believe that such support will further our country's achievements in the field of Health, paving the way for Personalized Health Services.”

Pointing out that they have a service concept that incorporates new technology and pioneering applications, Liv Hospital Group Coordinator Mert İstiroti said, “Microbiota has brought a different perspective on medicine in recent years. Studies have shown that the cause of many diseases is actually microorganisms in our intestines that change according to the person. By analyzing the gaita sample taken with artificial intelligence technology, we are providing the appropriate treatment for many problems such as obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and heart diseases with personalized nutrition.”

Production of personalized food supplements and probiotics is next

Stating that the intestines play a major role in human health, they have developed solutions that focus on personal nutrition in their clinical studies, and touched upon the new projects they have worked on, Özkan said, “We balance the gut ecosystem with a summary diet application to the person by analyzing the current state of bacteria that live in the human gut and have a serious effect on solving many diseases. The stool sample taken from the person is examined at the genome and Stem Cell Center, which is the most comprehensive research center in Turkey, and with artificial intelligence technology we create a special nutrition guide to the person's gut. In the near term, we will support the diet applied with personalized food supplements and personalized probiotics that will strengthen the application of diet. Finally, we started two different clinical trials on individuals who had bariatric surgery and had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). We anticipate that microbiome manipulation will provide beautiful results, especially in these areas.”

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About Enbiosis Biotechnology

Founded in 2019, Enbiosis aims to advance microbiome science and to produce personalized health technologies by targeting new generation artificial intelligence technologies in order to serve human health with its staff by bringing together few and successful names in the field of Biotechnology.