Istanbul Validebağ Science High School to implement an international curriculum

Istanbul Validebağ Science High School to implement an international curriculum
10 August 2020

AP (Advanced Placement), one of the most important international high school education programs in the world, was implemented at Validebağ Science High School in Istanbul for the first time among science high schools in Turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Istanbul Validebağ Science High School, which is one of the oldest schools in Turkey and gradually converted to science high school with the approval of the Ministry in 2018, signed an International Academic Partnership protocol with WCEP (International High School Student Exchange Program) to implement AP (Advanced Placement), one of the most important international high school education programs in the world. Thus, the students of Istanbul Validebağ High School, which is the first science high school to apply international curriculum in Turkey, will have the opportunity to complete their university education in 3 years and receive double diplomas with this curriculum officially recognized by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and Turkish universities. In addition, with the “Canadian Ministry of Education Mutual Exchange Program” to be implemented under the protocol, students will be able to benefit from special quotas and admission opportunities.

The aim is to open students to the world through modern education

Pointing out that they have successfully left behind a comprehensive study process of about one year and signed a collaboration that will be an example for science high schools, Volkan Cerrahoğlu, General Manager of WCEP Turkey said, “It is a great honor to open one of our established schools to the world on this path that we have taken to carry the education of our state high schools to the international level. It is especially valuable for a science high school to implement the international curriculum for the first time, and to reinforce our belief that the change-oriented projects we are developing will further our youth and therefore our country. Our main goal is to enable students to open up to the world as individuals who have intercultural skills and who best represent their country abroad through a modern education.”

Referring to the cooperation, Gürhan Kurukaya, Director of Istanbul Validebağ Science High School, said: “First of all, we wish this cooperation to be beneficial to our school and our students. As İstanbul Validebağ Science High School, we are proud to be the first science high school to implement the AP International Curriculum program. Our main goal is to respect people, nature, national and spiritual heritage; To raise people who are courageous, read, question, think freely, keep the right and justice superior, and have a good command of 21st century skills. Now it is time for these people to have their feet firmly on the ground, wherever they are in the world. We would like to thank all our teachers, administrators, project consultants and beloved WCEP family who supported us on this path.”

Students can be exempted from university courses with high school education

First enacted in the United States and spread throughout the world, Advanced Placement is implemented in more than 60 countries. The program, which is implemented in a very small number of schools in Turkey, is considered one of the most important international diploma programs in the world. The program, which has been implemented since 1955, is run by the College Board, which is also the practitioner of the SAT exams taken by students who wish to study undergraduates at American universities. Advanced Placement, also called ‘Advanced Placement Program’, stands out as a strong, comprehensive and hard-working program that targets excellence in education. The Program offers students the opportunity to take university-level courses while they are still in high school with the content and processing of the courses as well as the way of measuring the knowledge. The AP, also called the pre-university program, also provides students with advantages over being exempt from admission and courses when applying to overseas universities.

About the International High School Student Exchange Program

The program implemented by more than 40 countries for nearly 70 years; It aims to improve intercultural communication, to prevent inter-communal prejudices and to facilitate the introduction of languages ​​and culture of countries. Turkish high school students aged 15-18 who want to spend at least 1 year of their high school education in a different country have the opportunity to study in Canada, America, Italy and France as of now. The program is organized by the education or state ministries of the relevant countries, and the institutions with quotas that are accredited to them conduct student selection. All legal processes, placement procedures and program rules are determined by the ministries of the countries. With ministry programs, students spend one or more years of their high school with volunteer families selected with high security criteria and are sent to the school closest to the family. This is an academic program and requires a minimum “C” average in all courses.

About WCEP Turkey (Worldwide Cultural Exchange Program)

WCEP, which has a mission to contribute to the development of students as individuals who have intercultural skills, who represent their country well abroad and who are more solid on their feet, conducts Turkey auditions for the International High School Student Exchange Program within a limited quota. On the other hand, the Ministry of Education is developing collaborations with public and private high schools for education and change-oriented projects.