3-year-old collaborative working areas are reshaping the business world!

3-year-old collaborative working areas are reshaping the business world!
10 July 2018

3-year-old collaborative working areas are reshaping the business world!

Free workers are expected to constitute 80% of the global workforce in 2030. The co-working areas also serve as catalysts for this transformation. Today, the number of co-working areas preferred by freelancers with a share of 30% in the workforce is expected to reach 19 thousand by the end of 2018. The number of users is estimated at 1.7 million people.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - While the future of business life is reshaping, individuals and institutions are undergoing a serious transformation process. While there is a free working environment and flexible working conditions for individuals, competition for institutions is increasing, cloud systems and automation are gaining momentum. The 30% share of freelancers in the global workforce is expected to increase to 80% in 2030, while 75% of the self-employed prefer this. The catalyst of this transformation is the task of the co-working areas. Cowork7 / 24, growing rapidly on a global scale with over 100 collaborative work sites in 10 countries and 19 cities, shared data collected from the results of the report ”2018 Global Coworking Survey 10. According to the research; The common working areas that have become a global phenomenon are growing at a great pace. By the end of 2018, the joint working areas are expected to reach about 19 thousand and the number of employees in these areas is expected to increase by 3 times to 1.7 million.

Corporate companies are also turning to common areas of work.
The first and only enterprises operating in nature and Asian markets from Turkey Cowork7 / 24 Serkan Kurtuluş Founding Partner "of at least 47% of all jobs in the world is expected to be automated within the next 10 years. This transformation is the rise of common areas of work that are based on sharing and productivity rather than on a physical area. When we examine Cowork7 / 24, we see digital immigrants and freelancers, and we see entrepreneurs in second place. Third, global and multinational corporate companies are the fourth. The most striking issue here is that corporate companies are now turning to common areas of work… By 2025, the Millennium and Generation Z individuals will constitute 75% of the global workforce. This figure is pushing not only individuals but also companies to use common working areas with free working conditions suitable for the new generation. Bu

Grow Priority of Common Workspaces
The research shows that 29% of the joint work areas in the world have been opened in the last year and 56% of the members have gained in the last year. A co-working area serves an average of 52 members in 2014, which is expected to reach 159 by the end of 2018. 66% of the members continue to work in the joint work area where they are the first member, while 55% want to work in the same field next year. Approximately 70% of the co-workers operate in physical growth. Each of the three working areas wants to open a new branch, while another wants to expand its existing space.

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About CoWork7/24 

Founded in Bulgaria by Serkan Kurtuluş and Halil Demirdağ at the beginning of 2017, Cowork7 / 24 allows you to reach over 100 workspaces in 10 countries and 19 cities through a single application, make reservations and communicate with other users. Growing rapidly behind the launch in October 2017, Cowork7 / 24 has a multinational human resources structure with 13 freelancers from 7 countries. Assign also step into the Asian market as of 2018 Cowork7 / 24, the first in Turkey operating in this region and carries the distinction of being the only initiative.