It is possible to increase production by 20% by managing the workforce efficiently

It is possible to increase production by 20% by managing the workforce efficiently
28 July 2020

According to Turkish Statistical Institute’s data, labor cost increased by 18% in the first quarter of the year, and companies re-introduced their cost and efficiency planning. Analyzing the workforce by coding the movements of the employees, the Turkish initiative pointed out that the solution is in the effective use of technology.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The coronavirus pandemic, which the world is struggling with, has started a new era for both employers and employees in many sectors. In the new normal period, which started with the control of the pandemic, business life was trying to catch up with its old dynamics, and cost and efficiency became the main agenda of the companies. There was also an increase in the labor cost index in the first quarter of the year. According to Turkish Statistical Institute’s data, hourly labor cost index increased by 18.1 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Evaluating the current picture, Expremus Consultancy CEO Gürcan Akçay said, “Companies need methodologies that they can plan their workforce more effectively and calculate their real needs more accurately. Using the technology we have today, we can analyze the movements of the employees with software and coding and reveal the real need of the companies and we see that if the workforce is managed correctly, it is possible to increase the production between 9% and 20%.”

Employees' movements are coded

Expressing that technology-supported projects are the solution for production facilities or businesses that cannot capture all of their machinery due to lack of workforce, Expremus CEO Gürcan Akçay said, “We obtain measurable results with the data we obtain by recording and coding the movements of employees. In this way, we can calculate the workforce needed for a work item, and we offer solutions to increase the efficiency, not with general recommendations, but according to the results of the detailed analysis performed on site. Our main goal is to ensure that companies can prevent cost and efficiency concerns and sustainability with concrete steps such as moving the workforce to different areas or creating new production lines.”

Required workforce should be calculated correctly

Gürcan Akçay pointed out the importance of making companies work more effectively with their existing resources and stated that the pandemic process is a serious test in this regard. Akçay said, “It is a fact that employment rates are not sectoral and regionally homogeneous and it is more difficult to reach sufficient labor resources in some regions and sectors. As we have experienced once more during the epidemic process, when this situation is combined with efficiency anxiety, it can become a threat for the company if the necessary actions are not taken. At this point, it is vital to determine the real needs with the analysis methods that calculate the required workforce and to ensure that they manage the workforce correctly.”

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