Ünal Turan: “Drift races appeal to a large mass in Turkey"

Ünal Turan: “Drift races appeal to a large mass in Turkey
28 July 2020

Bringing car enthusiasts from all over the world, drifting sports brought a different dimension to motor sports. Ünal Turan, one of the best drift racing athletes in Turkey, is preparing to wave our flag all over the world in the international arena.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Drift, a driving technique, brings together more and more sports fans around the world with its racing under car sports. Drift racing, which is one of the indispensable races for motorsport enthusiasts, is followed by excitement due to its difficulty. Many drivers are preparing for drift races in Turkey. Ünal Turan, a professional drift athlete who represents Turkey in the international arena, said that drift racing has a serious audience in Turkey and that they are pleased with the growing interest.

“Our goal is the world championship”

Stating that he did not participate in the drift sports hosted by Red Bull Car Park Drift Istanbul last year due to health problems, drifting race pilot Ünal Turan said, “Our target this year is by far the world championship. We want to show the power of our technical infrastructure in races that we will participate with the vehicles we designed. We are getting ready for the world championship that is planned to be held by the end of the year.”

“Drift racing directly linked to modified culture”

Ünal Turan, who stated that the modified culture was the cornerstone of the pursuit of drift races in Turkey, said: “We had contact with thousands of people in the adventure we started by modifying the vehicles we bought in our garage. We've had some very positive returns as well. We want to direct the modified car and drift culture to these sports by spreading it among young people, paving the way for them to show their skills on the tracks rather than on the street.”

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