Dungeon Content Coming to StoneAge World with New Update

Dungeon Content Coming to StoneAge World with New Update
23 July 2020

The 24-hour dungeon content “Thief’s Hideout” and 4 prehistoric mascots have been added to the game with the new update.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - StoneAge World , the mobile MMORPG of Netmarble's mascot collection, closes July with an update that brings new top-level content to master trainers as well as four new mascots. With the new content, the general level limit increases from 99 to 109 and new equipment is opened from the 100th level.

As part of this update, players above level 100 can compete against each other in the open dungeon called Thief's Hideout. Players will fight to defeat the Archery by using their in-game skills strategically and cleverly assigning their best Mascots. Players who collect enough Torches will be able to go upstairs and collect rewards such as Stones and Solitaire.

Of the four newly added mascots, Baibo and Tralopho can be caught, and the other two, Winloth and Sandizard, can be obtained by calling the mascot with dungeon reward Souls. It will be added at a later date between the 5th and 7th floors in the Thief's Hideout.

The contents that came with StoneAge World with the new update are as follows:

New Mascots

  • Baibo, Winloth, Sandizard and Tralopho mascots are waiting for Trainers to collect them.

New Events

  • 15-Day Login - Players logging into StoneAge World will receive gifts for fifteen days.
  • Thief's Hideout Game Quest - Rewards Will Be Announced Later

StoneAge World takes in the mechanics of mascot collecting and role-playing games (RPG) and combines them flawlessly in an MMO experience set in a delightful world adorned with prehistoric societies. In the game set in the country of Tectonica, players will take on the role of “coaches” who gather, tame and train mascots to protect their country from enemies. With more than 250 mascots, including dinosaurs, feathered mammoths, pigs, Wolves and more, players will protect Tectonica from unknown enemies sent by the approaching machine civilization to explore prehistoric society and its strange customs.