Desert temperatures overwhelmed, air conditioning searches increased by 5-fold

Desert temperatures overwhelmed, air conditioning searches increased by 5-fold
23 July 2020

Temperatures that are above the seasonal normals and especially in the Southeastern Anatolia and Aegean regions, above 40 degrees, began to cause problems to citizens. Those who were overwhelmed by the heat started to search for air conditioning. Since the beginning of July, searches for “air conditioner” on the internet have increased 5 times. Due to the increasing demand, there is a delay in air conditioning deliveries.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - NASA announced 2020 to be a very hot year to the world with its announcement in April. In the statement made, it was emphasized that 2020 may be the hottest year in the world and the effects of global warming will become evident. Soon, the extreme heat that came to the agenda as a desert heat in our country started to feel itself. Especially in Southeastern Anatolia and Aegean Region, temperatures above the seasonal norms started to overwhelm the citizens.

The increase in the time spent in homes with the effect of the coronavirus pandemic directed the citizens to air conditioners to cool off. In the first 3 weeks of July, air conditioning model and price searches made on the internet increased 5 times. Producers have difficulty in catching up on demand, since it has largely stopped production during the pandemic period. While air conditioning deliveries and assemblies can take weeks, Daikin CEO Hasan Önder stated in his statement that they made online discoveries and guaranteed shipping and installation in 24 hours to meet the increasing demand.

24-hour warranty for discovery, shipping and assembly

Stating that they bring a new breath to e-commerce, Önder said, “Offering a 24-hour delivery guarantee for online purchases in Turkey brings a very serious operational capability. We provide 24-hour warranty including discovery, delivery and installation for air conditioning purchases made on our web site thanks to our dealer and service network that spans the whole of Turkey. We make the discoveries made for the selection of air conditioning that will be sufficient for the area to be used in a fast and contactless way thanks to the “online discovery tool”. After the discovery, air conditioners are delivered directly by the Authorized Service in accordance with hygiene rules and installed at the same time. Thus, exploration, transport and assembly are carried out in one hand and extended operation times are reduced to a minimum.”

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