Private warehouses replaced coalbunkers

Private warehouses replaced coalbunkers
22 July 2020

City life continues to transform many habits. Items that are not used in houses or that are needed periodically are no longer stored in coalbunkers but in new generation warehouses. These warehouses, whose key is only in the tenant, are especially preferred by those who go abroad for long term, military service, appointed persons, divorced couples and students. An average of 25 m3 of storage space per person is rented.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Living space in houses has shrunk, especially in large cities, as city life has become increasingly common today. Those who did not want more items found the solution in rented warehouses. Hobbyists such as camping and ski equipment, which take up a lot of space in the houses, as well as vehicles such as motorbikes and ATVs used only in the summer, as well as antique cars are preferred in warehouses.

2.2 million households are moved annually

According to Depoevi, which compiles Turkish Statistical Institute’s “Family statistics 2019” data, the average household size in Turkey, which was 3.69 people in 2012, tends to decrease year by year. The average household size last year was 3.35 people. According to the study, every 3.6 years there are new homes moving in, which means 2.2 million households moving in a year. On the other hand, the fact that young people prefer houses such as 1+1 and 2+1 in the recent period also leads to a shortage of space in the storage of unused surplus items in the houses. Professional personal warehouse rental methods offer the solution to this need.

Everything is stored from car tires, dowry, bike to memories

The most commonly stored items include summer and winter clothes, children's toys, winter tires of cars, dowries, bicycles and books. Also stores; those who want to store their belongings for urban transformation, the court holds your stuff until the process is completed, divorced couples, long-term abroad or those who are relatively out-of-town collectors, storage, is used by corporate companies for the mandatory paperwork.

American “self storage” is in Turkey

Stating that the coal used for heating in the past was used as a warehouse after the places where it was stored, but this need could not be met to a large extent in new buildings, Depoevi founder Zafer Öztürk said, “The “self storage” storage rental method, which we see for the first time in America, has also been used in Turkey. Many different items can be stored as insured in the metal container warehouses rented in the desired size. Mini warehouse with an internal volume of 6.2 cubic meters, midi warehouse with an internal volume of 12.4 cubic meters, maxi warehouse with an internal volume of 33 cubic meters and Maxi warehouses are used as a paper warehouse by creating a sliding system rack Assembly. Each document store can store 2140 folders.”

Average of 25 cubic meters per person is rented

Touching on the importance of safe protection of valuables, Emre Öztürk said, “The warehouse currently rents an average of 25 cubic meters per person. Our warehouse is monitored 24/7 by a camera system. The pest stations in our warehouse system provide a healthy and clean storage environment that is both protected against pests through regular cleaning and ventilation. Besides physical protection and security services, the items in the warehouse are fully protected against unwanted risks such as damage, accidents, earthquakes, fires and floods.”

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