Pandemic increased demand for home delivery sacrificial animal service

Pandemic increased demand for home delivery sacrificial animal service
21 July 2020

The measures taken against the novel coronavirus pandemic were expanded within the scope of Feast of Sacrifice. In particular, experts warn against the massing and crowding that occurs at the altars each year, while citizens who want to eliminate the risk show a keen interest in the Islamic-style home delivery sacrificial animal service.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - While approaching the second holiday in the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic, precautions are taken to prevent the spread of the virus during the Feast of Sacrifice. While concentrations in animal markets and slaughter areas increase the risk of transmission, experts say that particular attention should be paid to social distancing. In addition, there are also warnings about taking citizens to the slaughter areas by appointment, working with mask and visor, and hygienic packaging of meat. Citizens who want to protect themselves from the pandemic are seeking a ‘home delivery sacrifice’ service to perform sacrifice in a non-contact manner. Stating that they have been providing home delivery sacrifice services since 15 years, Danet General Manager Sait Uluçay said “Especially we encountered the intense interest of those who want to perform sacrificial worship without leaving home and without contacting anyone. Demands have doubled over previous years.”

“Sacrificed animals are slaughtered on the first day of the holiday and delivered on the third day”

Sharing details about how the process works in home delivery sacrifice service, Sait Uluçay said, “Cattle and sheep and goats, which are the sacrificed animals, are identified and supplied by our expert team. We slaughter the sacrificial animals by proxy on behalf of the victim, under the supervision of a veterinarian, food engineer and notary, in our modern facilities located in Afyonkarahisar, which is halal-certified and has the TSE COVID-19 Safe Production certificate. After resting the meat in cold stores for a while, we cut the bovine meat into boneless pieces. We cut the beef sacrificial meat into bones. We pack your sacrificial meat cut into pieces with special packaging and parcels. We deliver your sacrificial meat to the houses on the 3rd day of the holiday with refrigerated, closed vehicles without breaking the cold chain.”

“Procedures after slaughtering in accordance with Islamic procedures are also very important”

Underlining that many sensitivities should be taken into consideration in the worship of the sacrifice, Sait Uluçay said, “Just saying the slaughter in accordance with Islamic procedures can lead to other considerations being ignored. However, some other issues must be respected in order for the sacrifice to be performed properly. The meat that is delivered to shareholders in our service belongs to the animal that is slaughtered on behalf of the person and is not mixed with the other animals. We approach all issues with maximum sensitivity so that the worship of sacrifice can be performed properly and fully.”

More than 21,000 animals were delivered to homes in 15 years

Turkey's major producer of meat and meat products Danet Director General Sait Uluçay said, “Every year we get more requests for our home delivery victim service. Especially this year, we have encountered the intense interest of those who want to perform sacrifice prayers without leaving their homes and without contacting anyone. Although we are only serving in Istanbul and Afyonkarahisar for the moment, we are planning to provide this service in different cities in the coming years.”

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