The longing for socializing at work is increasing

The longing for socializing at work is increasing
20 July 2020

The pandemic process has profoundly affected not only business ways but also internal communication in the business world. Social relations among employees were moved to digital environments. While the dynamics of companies are changing in the new normal, the eyes have been turned into integrated solutions that can combine business and socialization.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Remote working decisions taken by companies within the scope of social isolation measures caused the need for socialization and communication in digital environments. According to Wearesocial's data, while the rate of social media users increased by 8.7% in the pandemic process, 46% of users preferred to use messaging platforms the most and 47% preferred to spend time on social networks. The spread of the remote working model was effective in the increase of these orientations.

According to Deloitte data, 48.7% of companies in Turkey decided to work from home with all employees. Thus, not only business processes, but also internal dialogues began to be carried out remotely. While chats are moving to WhatsApp groups, social media networks and video calls, digital platforms have become the new address of socializing in business life.

With the corporate social network application named Social, developed by the Turkish technology company Univera, which offers solutions for the progress of changing private and professional life dynamics integrated with each other, it is aimed to move the use of social media to the business environment and thus to progress the corporate process more easily.

It is inevitable to design business life according to Z generation.

Noting that digitalization has accelerated in the corporate life with the generation Z to join the business world, and that the pandemic process has improved beyond the expectations, Univera Product Manager Demirhan İşbakan stated that in order to be permanent, systems that are suitable for the demands of the new generation employees should be developed.

İşbakan also made the following evaluations: “Social media is being actively used, especially by the generation Z, which has begun to step into business life. They even want the interfaces of the programs they use to be a social networking site. Social networks, which are not only the favorite of the generation Z in the pandemic process, emerge as the main way to maintain the internal communication in a new, more interactive and lean way. We have developed Social for new generations and experienced employees in the business world that have evolved to the present day by foreseeing the next generation of working styles. With Social, we eliminate the disadvantages that physical distance can cause. By combining team or individual business processes in digital environment, we ensure that the information flow is accurate and fast. Thanks to the rich and expandable content of the social application; internal sharing and business processes; We aim to increase the motivation of the employees to the next level by adding functions such as likes, comments, and hashtag (#) and mention (@), which we are accustomed to using on social media.”

Employees from different locations come together on one channel

Demirhan İşbakan also mentioned that the remote working model experienced by many employees during the pandemic period eliminates the time and place limit and this flexibility increases employee efficiency.  At this point, with Social, it allows the teams working in the same institution but in different locations to gather under a digital roof, all experienced in the office and social life such as gamification, team management, work list creation, instant messaging, job order assignment, announcement, photo and video sharing. we carry the communication processes to a single platform. We believe that not only the ways of doing business, but all the dynamics of business life should be integrated into the age in line with the needs of our age.”

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