Home Insurance Searches Tripled

Home Insurance Searches Tripled
20 July 2020

After the pandemic, demand for optional insurance started to increase again. Housing insurance searches made on the internet have increased 3-fold in the last month compared to the pandemic period with the effect of interest rate cuts., which has examined the increasing demands, announced the average housing insurance coverage amounts in June and July.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Insurance was among the sectors affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Especially during the period when the pandemic was felt intensely, housing insurance, which is one of the optional insurance types, was pushed into the background. However, in the new normal period that started with the control of the pandemic, a remarkable movement started in the insurance sector with the revival of the real estate and wedding sectors. Searches for home insurance and property insurance on the internet have increased 3-fold in the past month compared to the pandemic period. According to the increasing demand, the online loan and insurance comparison platform, announced the average insurance premium amounts in June-July.

Housing insurance average 140 TL per year

According to the data shared by the online loan comparison platform, the average of the housing insurance offers received since June was 140 TL per year for the housing guarantee of 200 to 250 thousand TL. The average of the bids received for 200 to 250 thousand TL housing and up to 100 thousand TL of goods was recorded as 250 TL annually. Especially in property insurance, which provides advantages for tenants, the annual premium average for the coverage of 100 thousand TL was recorded as 175 TL.

Being safe is possible for every budget

Noting that housing and property insurances secure not only landlords, but also renters, Insurance Director Dilara Çetin said, “Compulsory or optional insurance secures the property against unexpected situations that cause various disasters and damage. This is provided by “home insurance” and “TCIP - Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool”. Although they are generally thought to be the same, the policy contents of these two fuses are different from each other. In addition to basic guarantees such as home insurance, fire and theft, it guarantees the landlord with a series of additional guarantees such as glass breakage, internal water damage. In case the insured is a landlord, both the building and the items can be insured, while the tenant can secure the investment in the house he rented with the goods insurance. Services such as boiler and air conditioning maintenance, free carpet washing, locksmith service can also be offered under the conditions specified in the policy. At this point, we can say that annual premium amounts, which are shaped according to the content of the policy, make it possible for every budget to be under guarantee.”

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