Agro Food Tech Europe Digital Expo to Kick Off July 20

Agro Food Tech Europe Digital Expo to Kick Off July 20
20 July 2020

A digital fair devoted to food, food-packaging, and agro-technologies, Agro Food Tech Europe will highlight innovative solutions to the global food-supply challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - European food companies, which have problems in import due to the closure of the borders due to the coronavirus pandemic and are insufficient to meet the demands in the domestic market, will meet at the digital fair. Digital fairs, which will be organized as an alternative to physical fairs that are postponed or canceled due to the pandemic, are expected to be at the forefront in the coming period. At Agro Food Tech Europe, which will start on July 20 and continue until July 26, Turkish companies will come together to evaluate new commercial opportunities in target markets.

Visitors who can attend the fair by registering for free will also have the opportunity to ask company officials instantly using video conferencing and live chat infrastructure. Participants will be able to reach companies whenever they want on the internet and request samples and access more detailed information.

“We will show the power of the Turkish food producers”

Stating that digital fairs may significantly affect exports and imports in the new period, Agro Food Tech Online Fairs Project Director Barış Salur said, “The implementation of travel bans within the scope of the measures taken against the coronavirus pandemic, and then canceling the planning of people against the risk of transmission has significantly affected traditional fairs. Considering the food problem which began in Europe at this point, we decided to offer the power of virtual exhibition arrangements in Turkey's food production. This situation attracted the attention of not only the manufacturers in our country, but also everyone who wants to sell their products in Europe. Giant food producers and suppliers such as Borna Food Limited in the UK took part in the fair. We believe that digital fairs, which provide significant advantages to both exhibitors and visitors in terms of transportation, accommodation, and transportation costs, will continue to be complementary in the coming period along with physical fairs.”