Start, Will Turkey's Silicon Valley!

Start, Will Turkey's Silicon Valley!
13 July 2018

Start, Will Turkey's Silicon Valley!

Istanbul Balat production and operating as a co-working space COZ, Balat their training program started in March 2018, it aims to make Turkey's Silicon Valley.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Young people between the ages of 11 and 18 who do not go to high school, discontinue their studies and do not work in any branch of business can participate in COZA's ın Algorithm and Logic Training Program ıda and mayan Basic Coding Training ve programs for free. Successful completion of the training program, a real business process with the simulation will take part in, to learn the algorithm, the game is finished tasks. Those who have completed these stages, according to their abilities, are completing the program by completing the online trainings purchased from Udemy. Then, COZA is employed to prove itself in an appropriate project on the agency side or it is assigned as a freelancer in line with the needs.

This project to bring the young people into work life, but also Start technology position through targeted COZ as a center for enthusiasts Founding Partner Karabacak John, "Ourselves we have acquired an important mission: Baladi We want to make Turkey's Silicon Valley. In this direction, we started training programs in March 2018, Bu he said. Balat is very cosmopolitan, but a very low level of education indicating that the region is a very low Karabacak, said: et High school, life does not know what to do, in short, there is a road map many young people. We have taken the first seeds of our work today to guide them, to grow with them and to create a unique economy in this region in the future. 

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected]om | +90 (850) 885 12 55

About COZA 

Coza Digital Intelligent Solutions Ltd. understands the dynamics of the digital world, dreams of having a qualified and trained on the direct purpose of educating the masses, Turkey's place in the Industry 4.0 foresees the conversion will produce services that cost more suitable than its competitors. COZA, an informatics company that aims to contribute to this process and create value, hosts a café, co-working space and an agency in Istanbul Balat.