RE/MAX provided employment for more than 750 entrepreneurs in the last 3 months

RE/MAX provided employment for more than 750 entrepreneurs in the last 3 months
16 July 2020

Demands in the real estate sector increased dramatically, with discounts on housing loans. While this movement in the real estate sector attracted the attention of entrepreneurs who were especially looking to start their own business, government incentives raised the charm of the real estate sector.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - RE/MAX Turkey, which adapts technology to business processes and uses it effectively during the pandemic, has given momentum to the real estate sector with innovative solutions it has developed. This situation also attracted the attention of entrepreneurs who wanted to start their own business. According to RE/MAX Turkey, one of Turkey's major real estate companies, in the last 3 months more than 750 entrepreneurs have received trainings called Power Start to become Real Estate Consultants.

388 new entrepreneurs stepped into the real estate sector in 3 days

RE/MAX Turkey Regional Director Murat Goldstayn said, “In the last 3 months, we have more than 750 new real estate consultants who want to establish their own life through their own initiative and who work in the sector for many years and prefer our brand. On July 6-7-8, we broke our own record in Turkey with the record participation of the sector and we recruited only 388 new entrepreneurs. Our new friends who joined our team complete their training and start their work in the field as professional real estate experts.”

Special education lasting 6 months

RE/MAX Turkey is implementing a special 6-month training program to train Real Estate Consultants, which is considered to be a job that everyone can do throughout the society. A special training method called ‘blended learning’, which includes video training, live broadcast training, classroom training, quiz and follow-up system, is implemented and consists of online and classroom courses. The up-to-date information is monitored through online question and answer sessions.

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