Support to students in Şanlıurfa from a charity group

Support to students in Şanlıurfa from a charity group
14 July 2020

The philanthropists who present themselves as “Kolsuzlar Burs” continue to help those in need of help.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The benevolent group provided their last aid to the students in Şanlıurfa. In the statement made, 17 students were given scholarships by philanthropists who distributed aid boxes to those in need in Şanlıurfa, 20 households were given food supplies, and 1 hearing impaired student was given hearing aids.

Support in a different province every week

In the statement from the group social media account, the Kolsuzlar Burs team stated that they will be in a different city every week and said, “We are working to find our bright young people and be one step closer to their goals. We are working hard to help our young people who will be doctors, engineers, veterinarians and teachers in the future. How happy we are if we have supported their progress in this way to some extent. Our team was last in Şanlıurfa, we will be in a different place next week. As much as we can, we will go to a city every week to find such students and support them in this way.”

In the statement made, it is stated that the support will grow as the masses grow, “Our team is growing day by day. The more we become, our aid will grow at the same rate. It is very important for them to reach the people in need when we approach the Eid al-Adha.”