RE/MAX Turkey Office becomes Europe's fastest growing team

RE/MAX Turkey Office becomes Europe's fastest growing team
14 July 2020

The RE/MAX Turkey Office, which made an overwhelming impression with its many innovations in the real estate sector during the Covid-19 pandemic, became the first European country to show the fastest growth among 43 countries.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - RE/MAX showed the fastest growth in Turkey among 43 European countries in the first six months of 2020. RE/MAX Turkey team was awarded first place as the country that opened the most new offices. RE/MAX Turkey Franchise Sales Manager Ercan Değirmenci stated that they signed an agreement with a total of 35 new franchises in the first half of 2020, and said that 18 of the 35 new offices were opened during the pandemic period, proving the brand's leadership in the sector once again.

Portfolio size exceeded 30 thousand

Stating that the success in question was to keep pace with the digital world, Ercan Değirmenci said, “Thanks to the investments we have made in the digital world in recent years, we have ensured that all of our offices continue their operations smoothly by using technologies such as electronic signature authorization, drone portfolio video shooting, digital marketing and online title deed processes. These developments attracted the attention of entrepreneurs who wanted to open a new office. Thanks to the rapid growth, we reached 204 offices, 3,626 real estate consultants and over 30,000 contracted portfolios in the real estate industry. Sustainable innovation and fair sharing of the produced value are very effective in this growth.”

The target is 60 new offices and 4000 real estate agents

Mentioning that they have a strong brand recognition, Değirmenci also conveyed the goals of the end of 2020: “The energy we have created to make all our business processes flawless and the investment we have always made in our brand has helped us to survive the crisis periods with the least damage. We caught a beautiful wind and we invite all entrepreneurs to open their own offices with the RE/MAX brand. We believe that we will grow much faster together. Our goal for the end of 2020 is to reach 60 new offices and 4000 real estate consultants.”

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