“Hygiene rules must be applied to the products sold in the open”

“Hygiene rules must be applied to the products sold in the open”
14 July 2020

With the novel coronavirus pandemic, the issue of food safety has not yet lost its importance. Scientists point out that it is vital to take additional precautions, especially for foods that are exposed in the open air and where contact with air is possible.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The novel coronavirus pandemic was effective in changing many daily habits. Social distance and hygiene were among the basic rules that everyone should pay attention to stop the spread of the virus. Additional precautions have been put in place, especially for the adverse effects that may occur during the display of food products. Many products such as legumes, nuts, candies, dragees and coffee beans, which are sold in the open air, will be stocked and sold in a more hygienic and untouched manner in the next period. Erdinç Aktı, Chairman of the Board of OGGETTI Group, said, “Stainless, plexi and glass display products suitable for food enable food sellers to offer their products in a hygienic way, while allowing them to shop safely.”

Hygienic products showcased are exported to 42 countries from Turkey

The fact that the Covid-19 virus does not live up to 72 hours on surfaces raises the question of the safety of food sold in the open. Stating that it is imperative that companies that sell pulses, dried nuts and similar products in the open must absolutely use hygiene and health, Erdinç Aktı said, “We export coffee, dragee, pulses and nuts display silos to a total of 42 countries. This demand increased by 75% during the pandemic period. We have experienced a serious increase in demand especially from Europe, Middle East and African countries. Turkey's market has moved quickly on this point. In addition to hygienic products, we also produce display products for food and beverage venues along with display equipment that saves aesthetics and usage. As a company, we increase our product range with continuous R&D studies as well as closely following similar products worldwide.”

“The safety of the place where it is displayed is as important as the food”

Indicating that many basic food products, such as coffee, dragee, pulses, nuts and similar products, which are sold in the open, are far from hygienic conditions for many years, OGGETTI Group Vice President Emrehan Aktı said, “We have seen that many companies need to be more sensitive about hygiene and health because of the coronavirus pandemic that has affected the world and our country. The food itself needs to be as safe as the environment in which it is displayed. As well as protecting food from spoilage and stale, display products provide comprehensive hygiene protection by reducing contact to zero.”

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