Turkey's First Receiver Authorized Application From Mars

Turkey's First Receiver Authorized Application From Mars
10 July 2020

Mars Logistics carried out the first receiver authorized application in Turkey under the scope of its YYS (Authorized Obligation Certificate).

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Mars Logistics, which is already actively using the Receiver Authorized Authority in export, became the first company to use the Receiver Authorized Authority in import. The goods belonging to the customer with the YYS certificate arriving at the Mars Logistics Tepeören Logistics Center with a T2 transit declaration, the transit declaration was terminated by Mars Logistics under the status of Authorized Buyer without going to the arrival customs or warehouse, and the import transactions of the item were also carried out by the customer at this facility.

Mars Logistics, which actively uses the Authorized Shipper authorization and transfers the vehicle to the border customs office by performing the transactions from the facility that has the Authorized Shipper authorization directly instead of customs, aims to provide both cost advantages and time savings to its customers in import transactions. Expressing as the preparation for the future for Mars, performing the Authorized Receiver Application, Mars Logistics Board Member Gökşin Günhan said, “If the customer has the necessary conditions (YYS-1), he will be able to withdraw the goods faster than our warehouses with Authorized Receiver authority instead of customs or warehouse.”

“Import transactions will be faster”

Stating that they aim to realize firsts and add surplus value to customers in accordance with Mars Logistics's leading and innovative vision, Günhan said, “In the new normal period, the vehicle had to go to customs or warehouse for unloading and importing operations. In the Authorized Receiver process, we make a notification of arrival to customs via the system, similar to the notification of the YGM to customs. If customs decides to check it in 30 minutes, he comes in and opens the seal himself and allows the vehicle to be evacuated. If the control does not decide, we open and unload the vehicle ourselves, and we end the transit process ourselves by entering the unloading results into the customs system. The buyer can open the import declaration and pay taxes and then pull his stuff.”