Action taken to protect the patient rights in oral and dental health

Action taken to protect the patient rights in oral and dental health
09 July 2020

Diagnosis and treatment services in health sector appear as areas where patient rights are weak. Patients may have to pay a re-treatment fee in case of possible patient dissatisfaction or treatment-related health problems. This situation, which challenges the health institutions as well as the patients, is a history in oral and dental health.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - When it comes to health, the services that patients benefit from are not covered by any warranty. This situation may cause the patients to be charged again if they are not satisfied with the treatments and procedures applied or if problems are experienced. Oral and dental health are the most common areas of this case, which not only leaves patients but also health institutions in a difficult situation from time to time in terms of trust allocation. While the procedures requiring meticulousness such as canal treatment, implant and 20 dental surgeries play a critical role in patient satisfaction, the approaches of health institutions for the compensation of the setbacks that may occur in the continuation of the process are of great importance. At this point, the Oral and Dental Health Clinic Megadentist, which took action to protect the patient's rights, decided to issue a warranty certificate to compensate for the possible dissatisfaction that may arise as a result of the treatments carried out. The goal of the outpatient clinic is to facilitate confidence in the field of oral and dental health.

Patient right will be preserved in all dental treatments including implants

Megadentist Founder Hasan Hüseyin Savukduran stated that the patients strictly researched and visited the polyclinics before and after the procedure for sensitive procedures regarding oral and dental health, especially implants, and every patient who trusts the institution regardless of the treatment applied will be given a warranty certificate for the treatment service they receives. Savukduran said, “There is no such thing as a guarantee when it comes to oral and dental health. However, we, as the institution, provided all the necessary support without any additional fees in case of a problem caused by the treatment of our patients, whom we have not been able to satisfy so far, or if there is a problem arising from the treatment we do. Now, we document that we stand behind all our services under the guarantee of the institution.”

It's essential to reassure the patient

Noting that the most sensitive and vulnerable point in the field of health is trust, Hasan Hüseyin Savukduran stated that with the application of guarantee certificate, their main purpose is to be an example for polyclinics specializing in their field and to reassure trust in the field of oral and dental health. Savukduran said, “The fact that patients are victims in the treatment processes and come to our institution and share the same insecurity with us has demonstrated the necessity of a certification system that both binds us responsibly and protects patients' rights in order to relieve our patients. Because when it comes to people who entrust your health to you, it is imperative to reassure them. In this context, we try to increase our service quality and maximize patient satisfaction by using the latest technologies. We hope that all of our efforts will set an example for the health sector, and we continue our efforts to create an atmosphere based on trust.”

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