Students prefer public high schools implementing international curriculum

Students prefer public high schools implementing international curriculum
08 July 2020

The number of public high schools that adapt their curriculum to international standards is increasing, and students are targeting these high schools rather than private schools and colleges.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Rooted public high schools in Turkey are beginning to implement international curriculum and diploma programs in order to provide world-class education. Thus, the education standard is taken to the top among the priorities of high school students and their parents in choosing a school. Finally, after the High School Transition Exam(LGS) held on June 20, the eyes are turned into the exam results to be announced on July 16, and it is seen that the students have started to request talks and visits to their targeted high schools. Cooperating with public high schools for applications of international curriculum and diploma programs called AP (Advanced Placement), WCEP (International High School Student Exchange Program) Turkey General Manager Volkan Cerrahoğlu predicts that students will receive high scores with the announcement of questions, are directed to public high schools implementing international curriculum rather than private schools and colleges.

6 public high schools with international curriculum are popular

WCEP Turkey General Manager Volkan Cerrahoğlu stated that students and parents enter an intensive research process in order to make the best choices in the placement process and pointed out that the international standard of education has become the main criterion in school preferences. Cerrahoglu said, “Equal opportunity in international education is the right of every student who has achieved a certain level of success in the exam. As WCEP Turkey, we cooperate with our well-established public high schools to provide them with world-class education. The high demands of our students, who expect high scores after this year's examination process, to our well-established state high schools such as İzmir Atatürk High School, Istanbul Kabataş Boys High School, Istanbul Validebağ Science High School, Adana Anatolian High School, Antalya High School and Ankara Mehmet Emin Resulzade Anatolian High School, It shows that the difference in the private school has disappeared and that we have made an important progress in the equal opportunity we target.”

It is possible to take courses at university level while in high school

Stating that they aim to expand the AP program in Turkey and open public high schools to the world, Volkan Cerrahoğlu said, “Our main goal is to carry the education our students receive from our public high schools to international level and to contribute to their education as individuals who will be an example to both their countries and the world. In this context, we are working to expand the AP in Turkey, which was first enacted in the United States and implemented in more than 60 countries. As one of the world's most important international degree programs, AP focuses on bringing students to university level while they are still in high school through the content and processing of courses and the way they measure knowledge. The program, where university courses can be taken, gives foreign universities an advantage at the admission stage, while also giving them the right to be exempt from university-level courses taken before.”

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