The cryptocurrency project developed for the sports industry made a worldwide impression

The cryptocurrency project developed for the sports industry made a worldwide impression
07 July 2020

Blockchain-based cryptocurrency project Sportexcoin announced that they have started their activities to create new revenue channels for sports clubs, fans, athletes and investors. 

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Cryptocurrency project Sportexcoin announced that it started its operation in order to contribute to the sports industry in Turkey and around the world. Sportexcoin, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, announced that its projects include many features such as training athletes, organizing e-sports tournaments and supporting athlete transfers. Sportexcoin emphasized in its statement that it received full grades from sports and health institutions in many countries of the world, noting that its projects promise the future of the sports community. Sportexcoin co-founder Bilal Yağcı said that with the solutions they developed, they aim to provide revenue-boosting solutions to all stakeholders of the sports industry.

Agreement with the World's Two Largest Crypto Exchange

According to Bilal Yağcı, the project has 24 sports club partnerships with 18 academics from Turkey, America, England, India and Ukraine and 8 international blockchain consultants. Sportexcoin also announced deals with the world's two largest cryptocurrency exchanges last week. Sportexcoin pointed out that unlike known cryptocurrency projects, it focuses on the sports community. The project, which was developed with blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies, was given the opportunity to create new revenue channels for sports clubs, fans and athlete infrastructure. The project, which will serve as a bridge between fans and sports clubs, also allows fans to contribute or offer suggestions for athlete transfers.

“Fans will have a say”

Bilal Yağcı, co-founder of Sportexcoin, said that with the project, they offer blockchain-based payment solutions with applications specific to the sports industry. Stating that individuals, athletes, sports clubs, developers and investors can create value both financially and operationally under the same roof, Yağcı said, “We offer different applications to the sports industry with the Sportexcoin project. We aim to make the blockchain system easy, usable and accessible with different services.”

Yağcı continued as follows; “Our project promises to generate revenue for every stakeholder of the sports community. For example; Thanks to the MarketCap application of Sportexcoin, sports clubs can decrease the transfer costs by agreeing with the players chosen by the fans. Also, clubs can buy athletes with collected Sportexcoins. This gives the club an advantage in transfer costs. Thus, fans can have a voice in sports clubs. Through SporXcoin's FCX application, the cost of raising players can be covered by investments to be made by the public or fans. Thus, successful athletes can be trained with the FCX infrastructure system. E-sports also has the feature of increasing profitability in the in-game economy. With all these applications and more, we will make an important contribution to the sports industry.”

“A Japanese Broker said, ‘Only Atatürk’s children can make such a project'”

Yağcı said, “We talked about the idea of ​​making crypto money by using people's move when we go to an agreement with big stock exchanges. They said it was crazy. The official of a stock exchange we met in Japan said, “Only Atatürk’s children can make such a project.” This made us very proud. Every step that people take in RunX creates orders in the stock market. Therefore, the walking of 1 million members means 1 million coins demand, except for investors. We also allow people to use the coins they earn annually.”

Stating that Sportexcoin APIs have unique features, Yağcı said “The project is an important opportunity for all actors in the sports community to achieve their financial goals.”

Bilal Yağcı shared the following information about Sportexcoin;

What's in Sportexcoin?

“In the Sportexcoin project, there are special applications for amateur and professional athletes, sports clubs and investors. With the RunX application designed to be a source of motivation for amateur athletes, athletes can win Sportexcoins through walking, jogging and joint sports activities. Sportexcoins earned can be used in offers to sports clubs; It can be converted into fiat or cryptocurrencies, or it can be used in clothing technology companies that Sportexcoin has an agreement with.

Sportexcoin aims to provide different end-to-end services to sports clubs with the ClubX application. Thanks to ClubX, which is an application where fans can interact directly with sports clubs, clubs can take the power of their fans in player transfer processes. In addition, Sports clubs will be able to create cryptocurrencies of their clubs using the infrastructure of Sportexcoin. Sportexcoin's MarketCap platform also enables fans to contribute to the transfer budgets of the clubs through “gamification” methods. When all the projects come together, it provides end-to-end service in every field, from raising players to fan income for each sports club.”

Ending High Transaction Fees in E-Sports

Bilal Yağcı, co-founder of Sportexcoin, continued as follows; “Sportexcoin also offers a unique model for e-sports or mobile games and game developers. Developers operating in the field of e-sports have to pay high transaction fees in in-game economies. GameX application, which offers a solution to this situation, allows the use of Sportexcoin in in-game sales. User-friendly GameX minimizes transaction costs on esports platforms. Also, thanks to GameX APIs, Sportexcoin tournaments can be organized. Sportexcoin is distributed as a reward in tournaments. Thus, both players and game developers can earn more.”

Practicing Training Athletes; FCX

Bilal Yağcı, “Long-term project of Sportexcoin, FCX, was designed as a project to train young athletes.” he said and added; “In FCX, which is defined as a collective funding system for the training of young players, regardless of the sports category, 5 percent of Sportexcoins can be used as a fund to train athletes. This fund can be enlarged through foreign investments and contracts of athletes trained within FCX ​​can be made through Sportexcoin. There are also features such as transferring players to different sports clubs, investing in players, earning investors from transfers of players.”

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