The proportion of online shoppers in Turkey increased by 37%

The proportion of online shoppers in Turkey increased by 37%
07 July 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Turkey turned towards to online shopping. E-commerce volume increased by 48 percent compared to the same period last year, reaching 63.3 billion TL in 5 months. The acceleration in e-commerce has prompted Turkish technology companies.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Due to the risk of contamination im physical places during the pandemic process, many activities were moved to digital media. Shopping was at the top of these. While both manufacturers and consumers have turned to e-commerce, the growth of online sales channels in Turkey has attracted attention. In the first 5 months of 2020, the volume of e-commerce was recorded as 63.3 billion TL, with an increase of 48 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, with the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic process. Another point that made Turkey stand out in this process was the rate of increase in online shopping orientation.

According to Nielsen data, the preference rate for online shopping in Turkey increased by 37% compared to the pre-pandemic period, outpacing Europe. While this rate stands at 22% in Europe and 27% in the world, Turkish technology company Univera has developed an e-commerce portal called CommercePortal, which acts to strengthen Turkey's digital profile. With the portal, companies offer their products to the companies with whom they are partnering on a single platform in a digital environment.

The goal is to increase the manufacturer's income by 5 times

Univera Product Manager Ömür Yesügay pointed out that Turkey's speed of adaptation to digital transformation during the pandemic period indicates a great potential, and stated that if the right steps are taken, the economic returns of e-commerce will increase. Ömür Yesügay said, “The data we have today is that 68 thousand 457 businesses continue e-commerce activity, 84 percent of e-commerce registered businesses are traders and industrialists, 16 per cent are a tradesman businesses. As we have experienced in the pandemic process, it is of great importance to integrate more sectors into digital transformation and increase these numbers. In the normal period, research showed that brands that integrate their e-commerce structure into their sales channels increased their revenue up to 3 times by expanding their sales network through digital transformation. Our goal now is to take a step further, which we have exhibited close to China, which has a 64% ratio across Europe in terms of online shopping orientation, and Korea, which is followed by China with 57%, by expanding their sales network, both to improve the quality of service received by their business partners and to increase the manufacturer's revenues by 5 times.”

Dealers, distributors and end-users will be in the same portal

Stating that they aim to save both time and cost by combining many business lines on a single platform, Ömür Yesügay said, “CommercePortal is an e-commerce application. Univera's ability to work integrated with Panorama, the software platform, distinguishes it from its competitors in the market. The B2B sales side is also among its strengths. Because, especially in the pandemic period, companies understood the importance of delivering their products to the end consumer and offering their products in electronic environment to the companies they partner with. We have created an infrastructure that will facilitate e-commerce for everyone with this system that we have integrated Multi-Channel Sales Management to meet these needs. In this way, we will ensure that many processes such as stock and order management, banned / salable product identification, current account statement, risk tracking, online payment infrastructure and distributor management are carried out on a single platform.”

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