Cihansan Furniture from Kayseri exported to Nigeria via e-export platform

Cihansan Furniture from Kayseri exported to Nigeria via e-export platform
07 July 2020

Turkish furniture producers export to 173 different countries of the world from Tanzania to Fiji, Madagascar to Vietnam. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, more than 1 billion dollars of furniture exported in the first 5 months of 2020 with the contribution of e-export platforms.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Cihansan Furniture, which Operates in Kayseri, one of the major furniture manufacturing centers of Turkey, exports furniture to Nigeria through its e-export platform TurkishExporter. Stating that they have already exported modern coffee tables, chairs, furniture accessories and garden swings to 50 countries around the world, Cihansan Furniture Export Manager Ali Bağcivan said, “E-export activities also provide great convenience for the local manufacturer in finding new sales channels. During the coronavirus era, all traditional sales and marketing channels for export were closed. Failure to attend the cancelled national and international furniture fairs also posed problems for manufacturers. In the following years, we think that e-exports will strengthen our hand in terms of competition and offer opportunities for domestic producers.”

First e-export to Nigeria

Stating that that they received orders from Nigeria in the first week they registered to TurkishExporter, the e-export platform that brings Turkish manufacturers together with foreign buyers, Ali Bağcivan said, “Obviously, this situation has made us more than happy because we won the customer scroll to a new channel our export activities. Afterwards, we increased the production volume by taking orders from Asia as well. E-export provides growth advantage especially to SMEs without taking intensive working hours and time, without going into costly processes such as market research. We aim to reach more countries and different customers in the coming periods through TurkishExporter. As a company, we will focus 90% of our production on exports in the next 2 years.”

Turkish furniture is exported to 173 countries

According to TSI (Turkish Statistical Institute) data, in the first 5 months of 2020, 1 billion 19 million dollars in furniture exports were realized. The largest share of this export was Iraq with 154 million dollars, followed by Germany with 83 million dollars worth of furniture exports. Turkish furniture has been delivered to 173 countries worldwide despite the coronavirus pandemic by manufacturers. Experts say exports will increase much more as furniture makers use innovative sales channels to export.

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