Turkey’s food exports increased by 118%

Turkey’s food exports increased by 118%
06 July 2020

Turkey's exports of food products increased by 118% in the first 5 months of 2020 compared to the previous year. Responding to the food need that emerged in many countries during the pandemic process, Turkish food exporters will now reach European countries and the Turkic Republics through digital fairs.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - While there have been problems in the supply chain network across the world due to the novel coronavirus, there have been disruptions in the trade of food products and the balance of supply and demand has deteriorated. Turkey, on the other hand, increased its exports of food products by 118% in the first 5 months of 2020 compared to the previous year when international trade came to a standstill. While total food products exports reached 38.706.423.467 TL, the biggest increase was in sugar, sugar products and honey with 415%. Exporters of food, packaging and agricultural products and technologies, who want to continue the export spurt unabated, took action reach European countries and Central Asian Turkish Republics with digital fairs instead of physical fairs. Industry representatives will meet at 'Agro Food Tech Europe' targeting the European region between 20-26 July 2020 and 'Uz Agro Food Tech' targeting the Turkic Republics on 19-25 August 2020.

It will be the first virtual food and packaging fair in Europe

While the representatives of the food sector came together in the giant fair organizations before the pandemic, the fairs that signed many commercial agreements with the new normal quickly became digital. Especially with the participation of nearly 100 food companies, packaging and agriculture sectors, virtual fairs, which will open their doors from July 20, stand out with high visitor potential. With its technological infrastructures, Turkish companies will come together to evaluate new commercial opportunities in target markets. Thanks to video conferencing and live chat infrastructure in virtual fairs, exhibitors and visitors will be able to have instant conversations, while participating companies will be able to reach uninterruptedly 24/7.

Virtual fairs are on the way to become an effective business platform

Stating that virtual fairs to be organized as an alternative to physical fairs that have been postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic will contribute to Turkey's exports, Agro Food Tech Online Fairs Project Director Barış Salur said, “With limited international flights and health concerns that make it difficult for people to visit the country, virtual fairs are on the way to becoming a highly effective business platform. We will organize two important fairs in order to present the production power of Turkey's food products to the world and to increase its export power. Major food suppliers from the UK, such as Borna Food Limited, will participate in the European-targeted virtual fair. One of the biggest import items of the Turkic Republics, food products offer serious opportunities for Turkish producers. We believe that virtual fairs, which provide a significant advantage in terms of transportation, accommodation and transportation costs, will continue to complement physical fairs in the coming period.”

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