Battle against Machine Civilization begins at StoneAge World

Battle against Machine Civilization begins at StoneAge World
06 July 2020

Mascot collecting game StoneAge World has released its first global update. While the competition is heating up with the update, players will protect Tectonika against Mechanical Mascots.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Netmarble's mobile MMORPG StoneAge World announced its first update. This update includes Machine Invasion, the first attack of Machine Mascots on Tectonika territory. In addition to the weekly battles against the Machine Mascots, new in-game improvements await players. The machine mascots (one of the Kaki family) will occupy Gravelin Island, and it will fall to the coaches to clear these enemies. Players will be able to fight with these Machine Mascots up to ten times on the days they choose, and will receive rewards based on both the number of entries and the total damage done to Machine Mascots.

As part of the new weekly content, the “Destroy the Machine” event will be held until July 16. In addition to the daily tasks that will be given special gifts, rewards will be sent to all players participating in the event and these awards will be shaped according to the amount of participation. With the “Ticket Event”, which gives award tickets to StoneAge World, which varies according to the number of daily attendees to StoneAge Life, there is a new mission where players will earn items based on the amount of Stone and Shell they spend.

StoneAge World takes the mascot collecting and role-playing (RPG) mechanics and seamlessly combines the MMO experience set in a delightful world adorned with prehistoric societies. In the game set in Tectonika, players will take on the role of “Trainer” who collects, domesticates and educates mascots to protect his country from enemies. With more than 250 mascots including dinosaurs, hairy mammoths, pigs, wolves and more, players will protect Tectonika from the enemies sent by Machine Civilization and explore the prehistoric society and its strange customs.