Blockchain certification period begins in the real estate industry

Blockchain certification period begins in the real estate industry
03 July 2020

Real estate company RE/MAX Turkey, has digitized all of its certificates through blockchain infrastructure as a result of training and seminars held throughout the year. The company aims to protect the environment by reducing paper waste with this method.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Real estate consulting company RE/MAX Turkey has decided to digitally issue certificates of all online physical seminars, conferences and trainings to be organized during the year. Within the scope of the green-focused digital certificate system project, 2500 participants were given digital certificates with blockchain technology in 3 online seminars that the company recently organized. Focusing on digital transformation during the coronavirus pandemic period, the company employed more than 700 people in 3 months through online processes. Stating that their main goal is to leave a greener future for Turkey and the world, RE/MAX Turkey Software Project Manager Yakup Güngör said that expanding the use of blockchain technology would provide a serious benefit to both the development of sectors and the protection of green nature.

1.3% of forests disappear every year for paper production

Pointing out that while many processes are carried to digital environment in the technology age, advanced technologies should be used more in terms of obtaining and storing documents, Yakup Güngör said, “During the production of one ton of paper, 26,700 liters of water are consumed and 1,3 tons of carbon dioxide is released. Moreover, 1.3% of the forests are used in paper production every year in the world. Based on this information alone, we can say that every company that has not carried document management to digital environment causes many trees to be cut, thousands of tons of water waste and air pollution per year. Nowadays, while technology is so advanced, it is necessary to take the necessary steps to prevent this sad picture and pay our debt to nature. We will do our part in this way by removing the physical certificates piece by piece from our lives and we will continue to progress with both technology and nature friendly projects.”

The usage area of ​​blockchain technology should become widespread

Stating that it would be possible to make both business types and nature sufficient for today by expanding the blockchain technology usage in the digital certificate system, Güngör said, “Blockchain is a data recording system that provides encrypted transaction tracking. The most important feature is that the recorded data cannot be changed or deleted again. Blockchain technology is a technology that offers new opportunities for issues such as identification and authorization in the digital world and can eliminate the need for central managers in these issues. It is very important to gain experience about this technology, which enables the establishment of new digital relations, to integrate the sectors into the era and to create solutions for the current problems of the environmental problems. RE/MAX believes that Turkey is closely followed by many institutions in the world and in blockchain the real estate sector that explores the use of space should be used in many fields, we plan future projects our way integrated with the advanced technology.”

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