Marriage fell to third place in jewellery purchase reasons

Marriage fell to third place in jewellery purchase reasons
02 July 2020

As a result of cancelled or postponed weddings, the interest in classical jewellery has decreased by 15% in the last period, while marriage, which ranked first among the reasons for buying jewellery, declined to third place. The trend of the consumer has shifted from classic jewellery to design products.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Social isolation measures taken within the scope of the novel coronavirus pandemic caused many weddings planned in spring and summer to be postponed to a later date. Failure to hold weddings, which have a significant share in the jewellery sector, has recently reduced the interest in classical jewellery by 15%. While classical designs with baguette and solitaire are preferred for the wedding, the time spent on the collection pages with vintage-style rings and minimal pendant-earrings has almost doubled. Cem Terzihan, Atölyefancy Director of Sales, whose design pieces are at the forefront, stated that the market share has shifted to design jewellery rather than classical jewellery platforms selling solitaire, jacks, sapphire and ruby rings.

Online product tryout and order period from Whatsapp begins

Another noteworthy increase in the quarantine period was the speed at which buyers were accustomed to new strategies for online sales. According to data from Atölyefancy's website, messages received for online style and sales consultancy service increased by 80% in the last two months. Consumers quickly adapted to auxiliary factors such as online fashion show and digital stylist. The next step will be to test the product in digital media with technologies such as augmented reality. Digital product tryout applications showcased on a number of sites abroad are expected to be presented to customers in the next few months on Atölyefancy and other luxury sales platforms in Turkey.

Stating that online style consultancy applied on many sites abroad and sales representatives via Whatsapp are of great interest by online sales platforms in Turkey, Cem Terzihan said, “78% of our customers who receive online sales and style consultancy vote that they are very satisfied with the service they receive; more than half of them visit the site at least once in the future for shopping. Changing habits during the pandemic period will also be determined in the next few months. As a result of the resumption of weddings and the lifting of quarantine restrictions, whether the consumer will show as much demand in stores as before, and how long the impact of the rapidly expanding online consulting services will last is a question for all industry representatives.”

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