Demand for photo printing increased by 60% in the first 6 months of the year

Demand for photo printing increased by 60% in the first 6 months of the year
02 July 2020

Today, cameras are being replaced by smartphones, research shows that the demand for digital cameras has decreased by 87% in the last 10 years. However, when it comes to storing photos, the phone memories are insufficient. While many photos are erased for this reason, innovative solutions to protect memories increased the demand for photo printing by 60%.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Digital transformation shows its effects in all areas of life, professions and hobbies are reshaping. Photography is one of the areas that are most affected by this transformation. According to Sosyopix, which examines the Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA) data, the demand for digital cameras has decreased by 87% in the last 10 years with the introduction of smartphones. When looking at the use of smartphones, 92% of the users used the camera feature the most. This makes photography easy for anyone with a smartphone, but when it comes to storing photos, phone memories are often inadequate. 51% of smartphone users demand more memory space in their devices. Pointing out that this situation causes the transfer of photos to flash memories or deletion, Sosyopix co-founder Emre Abat says that the photo printing, which was once out of fashion, has become popular again as it is easily turned into decorative products online.

Demand for decorative products increased by 30% in the pandemic process

Noting that millions of people are away from their loved ones due to social isolation measures in the pandemic process, Emre Abat stated that special days are celebrated by refreshing memories in this period. Abat said, “As Sosyopix, we saw that our orders increased by 30% compared to the same period of the previous year. Both the days we spent apart from our loved ones and the increasing e-commerce orientation during this period were effective in this increase. However, our desire to make special days meaningful remains. On hard days where we remember the old days more, special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries were celebrated with products such as metal photo prints and memory frames that could also be used as decoration products. The meaning of Mother's Day and Father's Day is down to the trophies, calendar boxes and canvas tables that we often have with us in everyday life.”

It is possible to touch memories

Stating that countless moments are immortalized thanks to smart phones, but there are risks of being erased or lost due to various technical problems, especially memory deficiency, Abat stated that this risk carries photos to permanent products such as cups, calendars, cloth bags, badges or calendars and said, “Today, we look at many things from digital screens and touch the screens instead of photos. However, we also observe the longing for the days we wait for months to print photos, as well as many concerns such as security, risk of loss, and footprint. At this point, as Sosyopix, we took action to increase the pleasure of touching memories with new options and to offer meaningful solutions to reservations.”

Pola cards in Turkey, decorative products are popular abroad

Although memories change, the importance given to them does not change. People from many parts of the world, not only in Turkey, prefer to crop their memories to make them touchable. According to Sosyopix data, 75% of the requests come from Turkey and 25% from abroad. The three largest cities in Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, make up 50% of the demand, while the United States, Britain, Italy, France and Spain stand out abroad. 24% of us orders come in the New Year, 32% of European orders come in the Valentine's day period, while 25% of Turkey's favorite special day comes in the new year period. Looking at the products in demand, the most popular in Turkey are photo prints with 35% and wall decoration products with 58% abroad.

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