20% of the $ 137 billion fair industry is moving to digital

20% of the $ 137 billion fair industry is moving to digital
02 July 2020

Event and fair cancellations in the pandemic process caused organizations to move to the internet. The solution for fairs where physical interaction is required came from the Turkish technology company that developed an online fair infrastructure. It is now possible to experience the fair, which has a volume of 137 billion dollars per year, in a completely digital environment and reduce costs by 80%.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - During the pandemic process, all fair events around the world were canceled and commercial promotion activities were restricted. While events such as concerts, talks, conferences hosted their participants in digital media, fairs, which require a physical interaction beyond sound and image, are no longer accessible for visitors and exhibitors. Exhibin, the Turkish infrastructure initiative that took action to bring the fairs to digital with 303 million visitors hosted annually, has developed an infrastructure that can present the fair experience online. With the infrastructure prepared using technologies such as augmented reality and gamification, it completely digitized all the activities in the fairs with the possibility of live broadcasting and instant interaction. Thus, while the digital transformation, which is expected to take place in the fair in 10 years, begins in a few months, it is predicted that 20% of the $ 137 billion sector will go digital.

Virtual sample ordering or one-on-one conversation is possible

Exhibin, which enables all event organizers to organize a digital and live event, exhibitors can perform all the activities they need in a physical fair in a digital environment by listing online fairs. On platforms that use augmented reality technology, participants will be able to visit fairs with VR glasses. The platform also includes options such as downloading brochures, buying and receiving business cards, asking questions on live broadcasting, ordering samples, one-to-one interviews and 3D model review. The infrastructure, which enables live interaction with an unlimited number of exhibitors, can be carried to a virtual environment in every aspect of a physical fair experience.

Fair costs will decrease by 80%

Pointing out that event cancellations within the scope of social isolation measures bring searches for solutions and this process accelerates digital transformation, Exhibin's founders Mahmut Hüdayi Sakarya and Ali Çağlar stated that the online fair experience is more advantageous in terms of both cost and accessibility per year; “The fairs cost both organizers and attendees an average of $ 137 billion a year. However, despite such large sums, the fairs are not accessible to all visitors and exhibitors. While this situation became even more unsolvable during the pandemic period, as Exhibin, we wanted to bring a new dimension to the exhibition experience by moving the event experience to digital instead of moving the place to digital, unlike the solutions offered so far. Thus, by digitizing 20% of the sector, we aim to reduce costs by 80% for both organizers and participants.”

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