The rate of nutritional diseases exceeded 50%

The rate of nutritional diseases exceeded 50%
01 July 2020

The balance of microorganisms, which are different in every person such as fingerprints and mostly in the intestines, is disrupted by the common nutrition habits. While the proportion of nutritional diseases in Turkey has increased 3-fold in the last 35 years, Turkey has also stepped into personalized health solutions developed in the world thanks to microbiome science with artificial intelligence technology.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The number of people suffering from different diseases is increasing rapidly due to incorrect eating habits around the world. While the rate of nutritional diseases in Turkey was 15% in 1975, this rate exceeded 50% in 2019. At the root of the decomposition in people's health is the diversity and deterioration of the balance of microorganisms in the intestines due to nutrition rather than genetic factors.

While the human body is home to trillions of microorganisms, the weight of this microscopic living community, which differs for every person like fingerprints, reaches 2 kilograms. These microorganisms, which are now accepted as a new organ, decide how the processed foods are processed in the body. Microbiome science, which is shown among ten scientific fields that will shape the future, brings a new breath to personal health studies by analyzing 95% of the microscopic creatures living in the intestines. Reminding Hippocrates' saying “All diseases begin in your gut”, Associate Professor Dr. Aycan Gündoğdu, who is an expert in the field of Molecular Microbiology, tells us what we want our body to do if we can hear his voice and understand his language.

Turkish initiative in the field of indigenous health technology represents Turkey in the world

In recent years, Turkey has also been involved in the field of personalized healthcare solutions, which has been raised more with microbiomics, especially in the United States and the UK. Enbiosis Biotechnology, which takes microbiome analysis and nutritional recommendations put forward by a few companies in the world, started to offer a personalized nutrition guide by examining the microorganisms in every person's intestines with the artificial intelligence technology it developed with completely local resources. Moreover, thanks to the special kit developed, the sample taken in one's own home without going to any health institution is sufficient. The Turkish initiative examines the sample at GENKÖK, a research centre with the most advanced infrastructure in Turkey and one of Europe's few biobanks, and develops tailor-made diagnostic, nutrition and treatment methods.

“Scientific research is being carried from laboratories into our lives”

Stating that they are trying to understand the needs of the intestines for a healthy microbiota management, Enbiosis R&D Director and Bioinformatics Specialist Dr. Ufuk Özkan Nalbantoğlu said, “The science of microbiome is a very exciting field that will play an important role in preventing health and disease in the coming years. I see it as an important opportunity for Enbiosis to carry scientific research from the laboratory into our lives as a project set out with this mission.”

With the data of 30 thousand people, Turkish artificial intelligence algorithm was developed

Stating that 30,000 people were based on microbiome analysis data while developing the artificial intelligence algorithm that analyzes microbiome testing based on nearly 400 clinical information, Dr. Ufuk Özkan Nalbantoğlu said “We've scanned over 2,000 scientific research to form the nutrition guide and incorporated 240 nutrients into the score. ENBIOSIS is one of the few companies that modulate microbiome with a similar model in Turkey.”

Targeted pharmaceutical production

Currently operating in Istanbul and Dubai offices, Enbiosis offers its product range, personalized probiotics, disease early diagnosis kits and aims to expand towards personalized treatment services. First, it aims to market a personalized probiotic score that will enable people to choose the probiotic that will be most beneficial for their metabolism in August. In addition, with the product called ENBIOSIS Daily, it will open a module where catering companies can offer special food for the microbiome of the person. In 2021, a diagnostic kit that estimates the risk of premature birth and pregnancy risks in pregnant women will be released. Enbiosis currently has a patent application for the diagnosis of lung cancer from saliva is the production of individual drugs.

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About Enbiosis Biotechnology

The Enbiosis Biotechnology, which was established in1920, aims to advance the science of microbiome in order to serve human health with the staff it has established by bringing together the number of successful and successful names, and to produce personalized health technologies by targeting new generation artificial intelligence technologies.