The number of tourists in Istanbul increased by 50% in the first 5 months and exceeded 5 million. Year-end target, 13 million!

The number of tourists in Istanbul increased by 50% in the first 5 months and exceeded 5 million. Year-end target, 13 million!
24 July 2018

The number of tourists in Istanbul increased by 50% in the first 5 months and exceeded 5 million. Year-end target, 13 million!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Istanbul Culture and examining Tourism Statistics Report prepared by the Tourism Directorate and Turkey's first tourist city card Istanbul Welcome According to the statement Card made, January 2018-May period, the number of tourists visiting Istanbul, has increased by 50% compared to last year. With the highest increase in the last 5 years, the number of tourists coming to Istanbul reached 5.330.567. The number of tourists coming to Turkey in the same period compared to the same period last year increased by 28.5% and was 7,783,967. However, the average number of overnight stays in tourists fell by 20% to 10.2 in the first 5 months.

De Tourist City Card çok, which is used in many metropolitan areas such as New York, Paris and London and which provides advantages especially for tourists on holidays, is now also in Istanbul. The par Istanbul Welcome Card ş, which is offered to domestic and foreign tourists in June, allows tourists to travel comfortably, to save time and money and to explore the city, from transportation to city tour, discounts from museums and restaurants to city guide.

Tourists will now discover Istanbul with Istanbul Welcome Card
Istanbul, Turkey's most important investments in tourism, entertainment, shopping, business and health for the separation of the most important investments that will be made to tourism CEO of Istanbul Welcome Card Erdogan Tur, yap Information pollution on the Internet and travel forums, negative comments on Istanbul, especially for tourists is causing a trust problem. With this belief, Istanbul's first touristic city card Welcome Istanbul Welcome Card kartı, we provide a safe and advantageous holiday opportunity for tourists. We produce rational solutions for the satisfaction of the tourists coming to our country with the welcome at the airport, transfer to the hotel, free city and Bosphorus tour, more than one hundred tours, activity in restaurants and shops, fast passage in museums, places to visit in Istanbul and 24/7 support line. We are trying to respond to the common needs of visitors from health and business as well as shopping, culture and entertainment. Kültür

Turist By the end of the year, Istanbul welcomes over 13 million foreign tourists 
Expressing that the increase in the first 5 months is a very important indicator for the year-end, Erdoğan Tur said: Istanbul hosted just 2.5 million tourists annually in the early 2000s, and in 2015 it hosted about 12.5 million tourists. However, the negative developments experienced a decrease in the number of tourists in 2016 and 2017. 2018 is the turning point for Istanbul. By the end of the year, we expect to host about 13 million tourists and we will break a new record. Yıl

Istanbul continues to be the favorite of the Arab countries, as well as the Germans and Russians
According to the nationalities of tourists coming to our country, the first 5 months of 2018 in Istanbul, the most visited 505,899 people with the Germans, Iranian tourists with 408,239 second and Russians took the third place with 249,350 tourists. The number of tourists coming to Istanbul from all three countries increased by 58% compared to the previous year. The number of visitors from the Arab countries increased by 42.8% compared to the previous year. One in every 5 tourists comes from Arab countries. Indicating that each country has a different tourist structure and expectations, Erdoğan Tur said, çok While tourists from Western countries show more interest in cultural and historical places, Arab tourists want activities with their families to have fun and shopping. Istanbul Welcome Card addressing the expectations of every nationality; with its rich content, it allows tourists to know the city more freely, such as Istanbul travel guide.

A tourist spends an average of $ 682
According to the January-May 2017 survey, air travel to Istanbul increased by 50% and air transportation by 36%. While 78% of the tourists visiting the airport preferred Atatürk Airport, the amount of spending per person was 682 USD.

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