Three out of 10 people have given up going on holiday this summer

Three out of 10 people have given up going on holiday this summer
30 June 2020

The novel coronavirus pandemic has changed vacation plans and habits. Holiday budgets have been cut while hygiene concerns have come to the fore. According to the research conducted by, 62% of vacationers have changed their plans, while 43% are afraid to go on holiday due to contamination and hygiene concerns. Those who say they will stay in a hotel stay at 15%.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Summer vacation plans are back on the agenda with the control of the Covid-19 pademic in Turkey. While social distancing and hygiene measures continue to be of vital importance, new arrangements have been made in the tourism and accommodation sector and the priorities of the vacationers have changed. According to the "Vacation Habits Survey in the Shadow of the Coronavirus" conducted by short-term home and boat rental site with more than 600 participants from 74 cities, 62% of the participants changed their vacation plans with the pandemic. While only 14% of the participants stated that they had a vacation plan, 43% were afraid to make a vacation plan due to contamination and hygiene concerns. These concerns exclude hotels with dense areas of use out of their vacation plans. Only 15% of respondents say they will prefer hotels, while 45% say they will stay in detached houses and rental villas. One of every 2 people going on vacation prefer transportation with a private vehicle.

30% will not go on vacation

According to the results of the research conducted by, the percentage of people who had to change their vacation plans due to the Covid-19 pandemic is 62%. 38% say that their pre-pandemic plans are valid. While 43% of the participants are still in the decision phase, 14% of them state that they decided to go on holiday, and 13% of them say they will go to the summer house or village. Those who decide not to go on holiday this year make up 30% of the participants.

The main reason for those who do not go on vacation is contamination and hygiene

According to the research, transmission and hygiene concern ranks first among the main reasons of the 30% of those who do not go on vacation. While 43% of the participants state that they have canceled their holiday plans for this reason, 27% do not want to stay anywhere other than the village or the cottage. Economic reasons also play a decisive role in the decision not to go on vacation. While 15% of the participants do not make any plans due to financial deficiencies, 15% say that they are not already on vacation under normal conditions.

Those who cannot allocate a holiday budget is 30%

Another point that draws attention in the research results is the effect of economic uncertainties experienced during the pandemic process on holiday budgets. While 50% of the participants say that they spend less than 5 thousand TL for the holiday, the rate of those who do not spend any budget for the holiday stands out with 30%. While the holiday budget is recorded between 5 thousand TL and 10 thousand TL for 17% of the participants, only 3% state that it can exceed 10 thousand TL and above.

45% of those will stay in detached houses or villas

The data obtained by show that although the return to normal begins, the vast majority are trying to stay away from common areas as much as possible. Those who do not suspend their holiday plans after the pandemic say that they will prefer detached houses and villas for 45%. The hotels with common usage areas such as elevator, pool, restaurant, beach are in the background with 15%. The results of the research show that there is an important orientation towards nature holidays due to similar concerns. 14% of the participants state that they will have a caravan or camping holiday.

More than half of the vacationers will travel by personal or rental cars

Concerns such as social distancing and risk of transmission also affect the transportation preferences of those going on vacation. 53% of the vacationers, who try to stay away from closed and crowded environments as much as possible, state that they will travel with their own car or by renting a car. While only 9% say that they will use buses or sea routes in transportation, the least preferred means of transportation is aircraft with 8%.

In the sea-pool dilemma, the sea prevails, the route turns into the Aegean.

The "Vacation Habits Survey in the Shadow of the Coronavirus" shows that the question "Pool or sea?", Where the citizens remain in dilemma, is also answered. While 40% of the participants say that they prefer sea, the rate of those who prefer the pool remains at 20%. Those who want to get to the sea after the pandemic process, head to the Aegean region with a rate of 43%. The Aegean is followed by the Mediterranean with 24%, the Marmara with 11%, the Black Sea with 8%, and Central Anatolia and Southeast Anatolia with 2%.

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