Excitement continues in prehistoric times with StoneAge World

Excitement continues in prehistoric times with StoneAge World
29 June 2020

StoneAge World, the mascot collection game of Netmarble, makes a difference with its extraordinary story and unique graphics. Woonki Min, the leader of the development team, gave details about the development phase and all the processes.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The mascot game StoneAge World, published simultaneously in 172 countries on June 18, aims to help players protect their home with the help of mascots in Tectonika country, with the help of mascots they collect, domesticate and train. While the game includes over 250 mascots, including Feathered Mammoths and Dinosaurs, Woonki Min, the Developer Team Leader of Netmarble N2 Studio, conveyed the curiosities about the game:

High-end graphics are used in StoneAge World

The game uses the Unity Engine, which makes it possible to use high-quality 3D graphics on mobile platforms. We focused on developing the original characters and mascots of StoneAge with the latest graphic technology and transferring the basic game mechanics to the mobile platform.

Serves from 4 regional servers

StoneAge World has 4 regional servers: Korea, Taiwan & Hong Kong, Asia and North America & Europe. Each region has its own server and cross-server content is prepared as well as region-specific content.

Every player fights to protect Tectonika lands

StoneAge World is the turn-based re-creation of the StoneAge online RPG, which has gained worldwide acclaim. Players will portray mighty warriors, the “Coaches”, who protect the Tectonika territory with the help of the Mascots who can be tamed. Players will need to visit Tectonika and protect them from the attacks of Machine Civilization.

More than 250 mascots are waiting to be trained

StoneAge World is already very clear with over 250 mascots that can be collected, especially if it focuses on mascot collection and training. Among them are plenty of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animal species. In addition, there are also 5 to 5 mascot battles that will require players to choose their teams carefully, constantly change mascots and require different strategies.

StoneAge World also offers a variety of social content that players can interact with within the Stone Age theme. These include the inter-player battle system, our 'barbecue party' system and many other tribal elements.

Interaction between players is at a high level

StoneAge World presents MMO elements simultaneously with a unique graphic style with strategic turn-based battles. The graphic style differs from typical daily MMORPGs that focus on styles that resemble a real photo. In addition, players will be able to grow masks (dinosaurs), capture and collect them. Moreover, there is also personalized content based on the elements of interaction between players.

Hide and Seek: One of the fun activities you can do while enjoying the Stone Age world. “Hide and Seek” is a unique and enjoyable social game mode where players can transform into various objects or NPCs and hide in the field.

Pentas Dance: You can take your friend and follow Pentas with a dance and earn TP at this time.

Defeating Placobi: Players can recruit members from each tribe (guild) and try to stop the Placobi Attack. They must lower the invader Kingcobi's YP by throwing stones at him and throwing his energy into a barbecue.

Marriage: Players can also find a mate for themselves in Stone Age. You can give gifts, increase your popularity and offer marriage. Then you get married in Marinus Village.

Competition continues in Tectonika after missions

Things to do in Tectonika never ends after the main story is completed. Players can defend against the Placobi Attack to gain a rare totem in the loot war. Or, can enter Margu's Labyrinth after the treasures containing the materials needed to improve his mascot skills. Our more pacifist players can participate in “Egg transportation” and make additional deliveries with the Manmo Bus. Coaches and mascots that evolve with main tasks will be able to test their skills in real-time fights against other players through duels. Also, if there is a giant mascot who tries to plunder the village, players have to join forces and fight together to defeat him. As you can see, we have a variety of content that includes both competition and collaboration.

New updates will come

We will develop the game with missions and dungeons suitable for the StoneAge World story and add content for inter-tribal competition. Also, new mascots will come. We have planned the updates and will announce to our players when they are ready. Apart from that, we will closely observe all kinds of errors and fixes in order to make our community's StoneAge World experience as pleasant as possible.

There is absolutely no such thing as pay to win

We focus on maximizing the adventure and entertainment of all our players, not just those who purchase a special currency. Since it is strategically choosing the best skills and mascots that are important for competing in the game, we can easily say that this game will not be pay to win.

Simultaneously launched

The launch of StoneAge World worldwide excites us because it serves as a gateway to the acclaimed StoneAge IP worldwide, especially in Korea and Asia. The game promises great times for those who are looking for a cheerful mobile RPG, who are interested in dinosaurs and prehistoric diameters, and who want to capture, domesticate and grow each monster separately.