Women entrepreneurs have moved their organizational skills to the internet

Women entrepreneurs have moved their organizational skills to the internet
25 June 2020

Different concepts are preferred for special day celebrations, and when it comes to the organization, a difficult process begins. The solution comes from women entrepreneurs who digitize guidance service and product procurement.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Nowadays, the increasing variety of products enables different concepts to be created on special days such as birthdays, engagement ceremonies and newborn baby celebrations. Provision of products in accordance with the determined concepts requires a long term market research due to the large number of options. Products from different suppliers sometimes cause visual incompatibility. Acting against this, offers a digital solution to reach the stores that sell celebration products and the products that may be needed from a single address. The initiative, consisting of a team of 20 women, aims to bring the concept of personalized merchandising to the Internet in the celebration products industry.

No need for organization companies for concept birthdays

Özlem Şener Mumcu, who stated that they provide both guidance services and product support in the digital environment in order to organize their own birthday celebrations, especially within, prepared by entrepreneur women, pointed out that the high amounts and long time spent for organizations can be left behind. Mumcu said, “While it is possible to reach many services and products with a single click in today's technology, we see that when it comes to celebrations, we visit the door to door to find an organization company or go to various stores and get the products one by one. To prevent this, we have integrated the boutique store experience, which has been moved to digital media, into the celebration products industry. In this way, we offer design registered products that we carry out all processes from design to production from one address, and support families before and after order.”

Contribution to women's employment

Stating that they aim to offer a bright future to women while coloring the special days of the families, Özlem Şener Mumcu said, “Women make up 90% of our employees. Everything from custom-made baby and children's costumes to balloon decorations, hand-crafted gifts to children's birthday decorations and from pre-birth to dental wheat ornaments are prepared by a special team established with the participation of master women in handicraft and entrepreneur women who came together for this work around Trabzon. With the women’s support, we owe it to ourselves to provide employment for the women of many more families as an initiative that has been with more than 50 thousand families from all over Turkey since 2013.”

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