National Cyber Security Crisis Desk supported hundreds of companies cyber-attacked during the pandemic

National Cyber Security Crisis Desk supported hundreds of companies cyber-attacked during the pandemic
24 June 2020
  • Cyber pirates and ransom fraudsters had taken the opportunity of remote working due to the pandemic, and hundreds of companies were exposed to cyber attacks.
  • Berqnet Firewall, which had taken action for the victims, has provided support to tens of companies from 37 provinces with its National Cyber Security Crisis Desk.
  • The highest demand came from the raw material production sector, food, agriculture and automotive supplier industries.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Cyber pirates used remote working as an opportunity with the pandemic. Cyber ​​attacks, especially targeting people who work from home and companies that switched to remote working but have not enough cyber awareness, increased by 25% in April and May.

In April May, Berqnet Firewall, a member of the cybersecurity cluster of Turkey, set up a National Cyber Security Crisis desk and provided voluntary consultancy services to requests for assistance during April and May. The Cyber ​​Security Crisis Desk, which provides free support to all sectors and personal users who are exposed to cyber-attack, suffering or want to take the necessary cyber measures, provided solutions to the demands of more than 200 companies and individual users from 37 different provinces in two months.

Raw material production, food, agriculture and automotive supply industries were targeted by the attacks.

Stating that cyber attacks and ransom scams originating from Covid-19 are especially victims of companies that do not use any security tools while working remotely, Berqnet Deputy General Manager Artuğ Tikiç pointed out that the psychological impact caused by the cyber awareness deficit and pandemic makes many companies vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Tikic said, “When we looked at the questions and demands we received from more than 200 companies, we found that they were the target of ransomware attackers, unfortunately, because of companies and employees who worked remotely and had no secure network connections. Together with the lack of information about VPN services, individuals and institutions that have experienced fishing attacks also ranked high in requests. Looking at the sectors, raw material production, food, agriculture, automotive side-industry, consulting companies and logistics came to the fore.”

One out of every 2 SMEs is the target of a cyber attack

Stating that they had responded to questions and requests to support regarding victimization cases from all over Turkey with a security awareness developed with domestic and self-resources, Tikiç said, “We have worked hard to meet the demands and questions that have come, to be resolved, and to ensure that the right information about grievances in this difficult time goes from the right source. The most striking result of this process, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users, was the vulnerability of cybersecurity. Unfortunately, nearly all of the requests came from small and medium-sized businesses or individual users who did not use any firewall. Research shows that 1 out of every 2 SMEs is exposed to different levels of a cyber attack. At this point, it is important to remember that not only the big companies but also every user who has access to the internet are targets for cyber hackers and to act consciously.”

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