Congestion in hospitals will be relieved with online calls

Congestion in hospitals will be relieved with online calls
24 June 2020

Many patients consulted their doctors online with the transformation of hospitals into a pandemic hospital during the novel coronavirus pandemic. It is aimed to prevent congestion in hospitals and misinformation in the research phase by continuing this habit during the normalization period.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The Covid-19 pandemic has changed health habits and brought new innovations. Consulting online doctors started when many hospitals were declared a pandemic hospital by the Ministry of Health within the scope of fighting the coronavirus and closed to admission. Many patients who were afraid of the risk of contamination in hospitals preferred online consulting or asked questions about their current ongoing treatment. By making this method more common during the normalization period, it will be ensured that the congestion in the appointment systems will be reduced and the information can be accessed from the most competent mouth. Also, through these platforms, patients will be able to quickly get the opinion of many different doctors about their treatment.

It will prevent the negativities arising from misinformation

Stating that the hospital blogs resulting from searches related to health on the internet are misleading people, and Ankara Özel Umut Hospital CEO Fedakar Günsili said, “As an example, when you search the internet for arm pain, you can see that even a million-to-one odds are listed, from heart attack to stroke, from gangrene to tissue damage. Everyone who reads the results rushes to a hospital in a bad mood. During the coronavirus period, when we were psychologically stressed, all the negativity in the body was investigated to see if it was one of the symptoms. This is not possible during the normal period, although the hospitals are constantly informed in order not to experience an accumulation during the pandemic period. Human health is not a concept that can be generalised and put into a mold, as we find in the search results. For this reason, it is best to get information from experts, even if they have foresight about the problems. In our platform, we refer people to their doctor in accordance with their area of expertise and get the necessary information from them to plan their treatment.”

It is possible to reach physicians instantly with the mobile application

Expressing that people try to respond to the diseases with their senses and experiences as a natural reaction, Fedakar Günsili said, “As a result of diseases or extraordinary changes, we consult our environment first rather than a doctor. Usually, we turn to herbs, stones and mixtures instead of doctors. However, it is a fact that this situation has no scientific response and can cause great problems. Recently, we heard about those who drink ethyl alcohol against coronavirus, mix arabic soap and yogurt, and seek solutions with more interesting mixtures. All of these started to get even more intense at times when access to our doctors was difficult. In fact, the search for an alternative solution in health stems from the problem of access to doctors and hospitals. Under this problem lies the thought of the person ‘Who will go to the hospital now?’. As, we aimed to get patients and doctors together quickly by eliminating this problem. The next step is to have a real doctor that everyone can quickly consult on their mobile phone. In this way we aim to benefit both those who go to hospital unnecessarily for all their problems and those who actually act they feel rather than go to hospital.”

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