Architect Soğukbulak: “Detached living increases”

Architect Soğukbulak: “Detached living increases”
22 June 2020

The novel coronavirus has also affected people's real estate preferences. Architect Şerif Soğukbulak made evaluations about the increase in the trend from residences to garden houses.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Artstyle Architecture founder architect Şerif Soğukbulak said that the demand for real estate has changed during the coronavirus pandemic process. Emphasizing that there is a great demand from the customers to garden villas with the pandemic, Soğukbulak said, “There is a huge influx from residences to houses with gardens especially, the villas increased. There is an incredible volume in this industry. Detached living increases day by day.”

Architect Şerif Soğukbulak made evaluations about the changes that the coronavirus pandemic brought about in the real estate sector. “Coronavirus has also affected people's real estate preferences. It aroused great interest in detached houses with gardens and especially villas with gardens. We see that the demand has increased especially for villas and detached houses in holiday resorts. Our customers living in flats, plazas and residences in city and district centers are now being moved from these areas to detached real estate. There is a huge influx from residences to houses with gardens. Especially, the villas with garden increased. There is an incredible volume in this industry. Individual experiences are increasing.” Soğukbulak said.

“People want to use detached houses both as home and an office”

Reminding that the pandemic has changed the working models in business life, Sogukbulak said, “Our customers want to use the detached houses both as home and an office. They want rooms that they can use as an office. In small houses, they have a hard time keeping their home and work together. People who have to work in the same environment with their family members experience various problems. For this reason, there is an inclination towards extra-roomed houses, which they can use as an office during social isolation periods.” Experienced architect said, “These houses have features for these needs. For example, a two-storey villa can be turned into a floor office. Thus, they can carry out their work without being affected by the pandemic. For this reason, detached houses with garden are in demand because they are suitable for use as a living and business area in the pandemic process.”

“Detached houses are a safe living space”

Although the effect of the pandemic is reduced, Sogukbulak noted that people turn to detached houses and the demand for these houses will increase further in order to be prepared for situations that may require quarantine after the pandemic. “People didn't use to think about a pandemic when buying a house. The coronavirus has also changed the tendency of people to choose living spaces. They began to think about the possibilities of living in a more confined situation in a safe environment rather than their quality of life. Houses or villas with detached gardens allow people to live safely in their own world, even with limited opportunities. As the quarantine process prolongs, people want to walk and get fresh air. This is not possible in apartments. Detached houses stand out as a safe living space in quarantine. ” said Sogukbulak.

“There are very good reasons for turning to detached real estate”

“If the quarantine process is prolonged or there is a new pandemic wave, people will want to enter the pool in the summer. They will want to grow fruit or vegetables in their garden. While doing all these, they will want to feel safe in the pandemic.” Said Şerif Soğukbulak and used the following statements; “The detached real estate with garden has the features to meet all these demands. You can either enter the pool or grow tomatoes. You can live safely with your family without contact with anyone. In addition, by turning a section into an office, you can at least get things done remotely at home. A detached house; It can include balcony, terrace, front and backyard, pool, green area, plants, flowers and more. So during the pandemic, there are very good reasons for people turning to detached gardens.”

Sogukbulak also explained that there are many requests for villas with gardens and pools from customers abroad. Emphasizing that the villas near the sea are very popular in the holiday regions, Şerif Soğukbulak said, “People now want an isolated holiday and an isolated life. They want to have a holiday without fear and protect their families from risks. In the social isolation period, the demand for detached real estate with garden, which is the living areas where families can live safely, will increase exponentially in the coming months.”

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