Turkish educator talked about “Distance learning during the pandemic” with the invitation of Microsoft

Turkish educator talked about “Distance learning during the pandemic” with the invitation of Microsoft
22 June 2020

Abdulkadir Özbek, the founder of Vizyon College, which is shown among Microsoft 21st century schools (Microsoft Showcase School), informed Microsoft Showcase School leaders about distance learning and digital education during the pandemic with the invitation of Microsoft.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Abdulkadir Özbek, founder of Vision College, which was selected as the best school among more than a thousand “Microsoft Showcase Schools” worldwide in 2018, presented to Microsoft Showcase School leaders about distance learning and digital education during the pandemic process with the invitation of Microsoft. Özbek gave information about the importance and use of Microsoft educational tools using educational technologies in accordance with pedagogy in the most effective way and the success of the College, which is one of the leading schools in Turkey in the field during his presentation last Thursday.

“Covid-19 reveals the importance of digital education”

In his presentation to Microsoft Showcase School leaders, Abdulkadir Özbek, an experienced educator who was selected to Microsoft's Global team of school leaders for their success in distance education process, explained how they used distance education tools as a school. Özbek said: “In the Covid-19 pandemic process, I gave detailed information about how we switched to distance education within two days of the decision to close schools. Also, how Covid-19 changed education; I explained how digital platforms personalize education. As Vizyon College, our distance education studies bring worldwide sound. In this context, I received an invitation from Microsoft's headquarters in the USA to share the success story of Vizyon College with the world. In my presentation to global school leaders, I also explained our successes in digital and distance education and what we plan to do in the field of education in the future.”

"On the day that the Covid-19 quarantine started, we shared our experiences about the use of technology in education with the officials of the Ministry of National Education and with Turkey through our programs on national channels. We presented to MEB through Sebit as a Sebit Project School on what can be done about EBA.” Özbek said, “Covid-19 revealed the importance of technology in education. With the development of technology, many professions are now made with software and robots. It is unthinkable that education systems do not benefit from this digital transformation. We now think that the change of knowledge-driven education has become inevitable. It is a fact that we cannot prepare them for life with the classical education system. The coronavirus pandemic also revealed once again how accurate this idea is.”

"In the world, we want to alter the perception of school related to Turkey's education system"

Experienced educator Özbek said, “We have been using digital tools in education since we were founded as Vizyon College. We are the first and only Sebit project school in Turkey, the largest educational and information technology institution in Turkey, and the world giant Microsoft. In this sense, we are a school that uses digital education tools to set an example to the world. With our digital education practices, we want to be a school that changes the perception of Turkey's education system in the world. By reading the digital transformation in the world correctly, we are implementing an education that focuses on developing human skills. We observe that students work in a more efficient and motivated way with technology-assisted education. With this vision, the distance education process that we carry out with our strong digital infrastructure has been shown by Microsoft as an example to the world.”

“We are a school that pioneered digital transformation in Turkey. We are implementing an educational system that blends pedagogical approaches with digital tools. All our students receive their education through the computer. We are the only school in Turkey that uses digital notebooks. We want students to see computers as an educational element, not a gaming tool. For Generation Z, we have an educational fiction based on technology-supported educational philosophy rather than classical learning methods. Thanks to our educational philosophy, combined with excellent teachers, our students are one step ahead of their peers in every field. Microsoft's digital education technologies also contribute significantly to our next generation education vision. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning systems in education. In short, education of the future is now in Vizyon.” said Özbek.

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