The circulation of newspapers in Turkey decreased by 38%. Digital media is growing!

The circulation of newspapers in Turkey decreased by 38%. Digital media is growing!
31 July 2018

The circulation of newspapers in Turkey decreased by 38%. Digital media is growing!

The total circulation of the daily national newspapers declined 38% in the last 5 years, Turkey. As compared to newspapers, online news sites, which have 33 times more news each day, rise, while the decline in print media continues.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Blending their data centers and media monitoring news agency, Turkey's first online PR agency, according to data bültengö share; total circulation fell by up to 2.8 million of the 4.9 million level in July 2018 decreased by 38% in June of 2013, the daily national newspaper in Turkey. Finally, the rapid decline of the digital media has a major role in the sharp fall of the Habertürk newspaper. Digital publications also fill the share of print media lost from the advertising pie.

BulletinGö, online news tracking service Deep News, according to the analysis of the data obtained from the comparison of the number of printed news, online news sites on average on average every day is 33 times more than newspapers. According to the Press Ad Agency records, 41 national daily newspapers published in Turkey, while about 4,500 news every day, more news from news sites more than 17 thousand to 150 thousand in Turkey is introduced.

4 100 people in Turkey falls newspaper.
Turkey, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Sweden and examined daily newspaper circulation of Singapore's bültengönder., under the spotlight in the number of newspapers per capita than the country's population. While every country has 4 newspapers in our country, 55 newspapers in Japan, 37 in Sweden, 26 in Germany, 20 in Singapore, 13 in France and 12 in England. The largest declines in newspaper circulation in recent years have not only seen in Turkey. The reading rates have fallen to 12% and newspapers in the UK and France are trying to keep their readers on promotional campaigns.

Digital ads have grown by 4 times, while ads have fallen by half.
In the changing world with technological developments, the balance within the press is changing more and more rapidly. According to the Advertisers' Association's Media and Advertising Investments Report, in 2009, the number of advertisements, which had a share of 27%, has declined by 12% to a significant decline today. In 2009, with a share of 6.6%, it was behind the outdoor advertisements, and the digital ads in the 4th place became the second biggest channel after TV with a share of 25.9%. digital media investments increased 75% in the last 3 years in Turkey.

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