Bus Simulator Ultimate surpasses 100 million users

Bus Simulator Ultimate surpasses 100 million users
10 June 2020

The share of Turkish game developers worldwide is increasing every day in the game industry, which has gained a significant momentum in the pandemic process. Lastly, the Turkish game company Zuuks Games has achieved a significant success, surpassing 100 million downloads worldwide with its game called Bus Simulator Ultimate.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Bus Simulator Ultimate, developed by Turkish mobile game company Zuuks Games in 2019 and reached the first place in the App Store in a short time reached more than 100 million players worldwide. The intercity bus simulation game, which has increased by 100% since January due to the increasing orientation to games during the epidemic process, ranks high on the list of most popular games in Turkey. The game that reaches players from many parts of the world with 14 different language options and challenges the peak in the current download rankings of many countries, was able to draw attention to Turkey In a short period of 1 year.

The PC version of the game is also on the way

Bus Simulator Ultimate provides a realistic bus travel experience with its graphics, including all kinds of technical equipment, on-road recreation facilities, refreshments and passenger demands, and offers the opportunity to travel in many countries such as Turkey, European countries, USA and Brazil. All the designs in the game are shaped according to the characteristics of the cities, where players can build a fleet and bus company starting with a single bus. Bus Simulator Ultimate, which offers the opportunity to experience the full details of a true intercity bus ride and has won over 100 million fans, is set to take the gaming experience to the next level with the upcoming PC version.

The company has 90 million active players monthly

Besides Bus Simulator Ultimate, Zuuks Games is one of the most downloaded mobile games developer companies in Turkey with more than 20 games on the air, hosts gamers from different parts of the world, especially in Turkey and Europe today, with more than 300 million downloads and 90 million active players per month.

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