Pandemics are considered as much as earthquakes when buying a house

Pandemics are considered as much as earthquakes when buying a house
05 June 2020

Millions of people around the world have been confined to their homes for a long time as part of social isolation and quarantine measures with the COVID-19 pandemic. In this process, the importance of living spaces in homes such as balconies, gardens, terraces and study rooms was once again seen. Experts state that these qualifications will become an important criterion when buying a house in the new period.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Priority needs and habits have changed with the COVID-19 pandemic, which infects more than 6 million people worldwide and causes thousands of people to pass away. While more time is spent in homes, especially with social isolation and quarantine measures, the architectural and usage patterns of the houses have been questioned in terms of their sufficiency. Donatı Gayrimenkul Chairman of the Board İbrahim Etem Yiğitol stated that he thinks that living spaces such as balconies, terraces, gardens and study rooms will be among the most important criteria that affect the purchase decision in houses that are intended to be bought or rented.

Balconies, gardens and study rooms have become the priority criteria

Stating that while the house buyers have been the priority of the property against earthquake, location and size, can change this order together with the pandemic, İbrahim Etem Yiğitol said, “What can they do if people cannot leave the house with possible new outbreaks as much as they are at least earthquake resistant when looking at a residence? We believe that this need, which we see mostly in families with children, will be solved with houses with gardens, terraces or large balconies. It is seen that pandemics are evaluated as disasters by the consumers and will directly affect purchasing behavior.”

Architectural understanding changes in new projects

Stating that the living spaces in most residence type residences are located inside the residence and are closed in spa, pool and gymnasiums that are open to public use, and quarantine became more challenging with the pandemic, İbrahim Etem Yiğitol said “With the increase of time spent in the home, the phenomenon of private space in people was also remembered. Balcony culture unique to our geography also felt its importance in this period. In the researches we have done as Donatı Gayrimenkul, it is seen that these expectations should be taken into consideration architecturally in the housing projects that will start in the next period.”