DJs donate their album revenues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

DJs donate their album revenues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic
05 June 2020

Coronavirus could not prevent music, 10 DJs in New York, including a Turkish artist, released a new album during the pandemic period. All revenues from the album, titled DJS UNITED New York, will be donated to Presbyterian Hospital, located in NewYork, for the care needs of Covid-19 patients.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The coronavirus pandemic, which the whole world struggled with, negatively affected the art community. Within the scope of the social isolation measures taken, it was a challenging process in terms of canceling culture and art activities by closing the scenes and entertainment venues, producing artists and meeting music lovers. All these negativities could not prevent music. 10 artists living in New York, including Turkish DJ Serhan Aydemir, known by the stage name MEMOS, and Grammy-winning record producer Hex Hector, Oscar P, Ameme and Sasha Barbot, have made a remarkable album with their music projects called DJS UNITED New York during the pandemic. Sasha Barbot and Pietro Gramegna were the producers of the album, which consisted of 11 songs and release on May 25, 2020. All revenues of the album will be donated to Presbyterian Hospital in New York City for the care needs of Covid-19 patients.

Healing power of music is on stage once again

The DJS UNITED album, started to be produced in April this year and made an ambitious entry to the music market in June, features many leading names from House, Deep House and Afrobeat genres like Turkish DJ Serhan Aydemir (MEMOS), Grammy awarded producer Hex Hector, Oscar P, Ameme, Sasha Barbot, Jordi Iven feat. Duddha, Sabine Blaizin feat. Okai Musik, doux., Octave and Leo + The Munk Machine. The album, which is composed of 11 songs in total and brought to life during the pandemic, aims to show the healing power of the music to the world by donating all the revenues for the care needs of Covid-19 patients.

The only Turk in the project, DJ MEMOS, is on the album with the song Alaila

Turkish DJ and producer Serhan Aydemir (MEMOS), who has lived in NewYork for many years, contributes to the DJS UNITED album with the song Alaila. Stating that electronic music is successful representatives from Turkey, Dj noted as the only Turkish artist on the album said, “The outbreak has completely halted nightlife in New York, which has been described as the city that doesn't sleep. But as artists performing on stage, we didn't let the music stop with the DJS UNITED New York project we started in the process. With our belief that goodness can be replicated through music, we aimed to both give pleasure to music lovers and to support the covid-19 struggle. As an artist from Turkey, it is a great pride for me to take part in such a meaningful project with the most successful names in the field and to represent Turkey. Today, the number of Turkish DJs who have come to good places and managed to make a name in the global sense is also very proud. I hope that the passion for music that underlies this success will lead us to gain valuable artists from the next generation.”

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